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2016 Coaster Tournament Finals


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Was pretty sure Lightning Rod would win the whole thing (definitely looks better than WF). Only just realized the final two now (and it seems pretty close between the two).


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Hooray! Back where it belongs. Was so gutting last year when all of us in Japan forgot to vote as we were celebrating Jordan & Conor so Skyrush accidentally won.

Cheers for organising again. Great stuff!

Imagineer Josh

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I was wondering if I could make a Top 10 video list out of this? Besides Helix and Wildfire, out of the semi-finals and quarter-finals, the highest one would have been the closer competition, and the lowest out of the tournament (finals) would have gone at the bottom of all the coasters that lost.

If you catch me :wink:

So do I have permission to make this?
Just something that I thought would be fun

If you are wondering what the list is,
1. Helix
2. Wildfire (Kolmarden)
3. Lightning Rod
4. Medusa Steel Coaster
5. SkyRush
6. Shambhala
7. Outlaw Run
8. Boulder Dash
9. Wicked Cyclone
10. Expedition GeForce


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^ I don't have a problem with you using results from this!

If you are going to use the CF name in the video though, check with a Team Member about that first.