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2012 CF WC QF - (4) deathfearsnone VS (5) SoMuchWin

Who Should Advance?

  • (4) deathfearsnone

    Votes: 5 55.6%
  • (5) SoMuchWin

    Votes: 4 44.4%

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This is a 2012 CF World Championship Quarter-Final match up between (4) deathfearsnone and (5) SoMuchWin

The stipulation is - B&M V Intamin - deathfearsnone(B&M) SoMuchWin (Intamin)

Entries to be in by 31st December.

(4) deathfearsnone - Paradox


(5) SoMuchWin - Andruck



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The sheer amount of lag in that video prevents me from even trying to give a coherent response.


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The lag is due to your browser (probably caused by the seasonal themeing on the forums).
Try re-opening your browser again.


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This is a tougher decision than I thought it would be. Although I suppose it makes sense since this is the #4 and #5 seeds. I think I have made a decision but I will wait for a while to vote haha...mull it over a bit more.


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Yep, and you will be shunned for it :p

That is all it takes to lose out in my mind...okay now I'm just being mean. The missing footer is hardly an issue...I'm sure all here will forgive you. Heck, I miss footers all the time but it's usually because I have managed to create a support that has no footer that works for it :x


^I forgive him for missing it. However, his entry wasn't quite as good as DeathFearsNone's, and I'll elaborate on that a little.

Let's start with SoMuchWin. Your entry was enjoyable and had a nice Intamin feel to it, even though it felt like a Mack megacoaster at times. The forces looked nice, and it had a good pace. I especially liked the way the MCBR affected its pace because I like hangtime on rolls. However, your terraforming, while top-notch, was slightly lacking. You do get points for presentation for making your POV at night. Overall, a wonderful ride that I thought struck a good balance between intensity and an exciting ride, which is hard to do within RCT3's constraints.

When I first saw the first teasers from DeathFearsNone, I almost died and went to heaven. You, my friend, have dared to go where no RCT3-er has gone before (at least on this forum) with your hybrid coasters. This latest creation was a great addition to your lineup. It was a joy to ride because of two main reasons: first, its interaction with the terrain. This coaster could give Nemesis a serious run for its money because it uses the terrain like a woodie would. It also added to the second main reason for your success: the footchoppers. Because of the support structure and the close calls with the terrain, it made the ride go into another dimension that I have never seen with a B&M Invert.

So, in the end, my vote goes to DeathFearsNone. Not because SoMuchWin's was bad, but because DeathFearsNone was innovative and creative in designing his entry.


I didn't even vote for me...

Oh and from now on, all my posts will be accompanied by a relevant image or gif. SOMUCHWIN, TAKING THINGS TO THE NEXT LEVEL!


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SoMuchWin said:
I didn't even vote for me...

Oh and from now on, all my posts will be accompanied by an image or gif. SOMUCHWIN, TAKING THINGS TO THE NEXT LEVEL!
All of your posts are already accompanied by two of them. They are referred to as the "sig" and the "avy".