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2 new S&S launch coasters for Happy Valley Beijing/Shenz


Screamscape reports that these 2 Happy Valley parks are getting S&S launch coasters:

Happy Valley Chenzhen and Beijing are both adding S&S Launched Coasters before the end of 2010. Each one will feature a unique layout, but launch riders out at 140kph (87mph).
I've been told that the two new S&S launched coasters going into the Happy Valley parks in 2010 will feature 4 across seating, a first from S&S Power.

Trips'n'pics also report that they will be 60m tall with a speed of 140km.


These are great additions to both parks and would compliment Crystal Wings nicely. Also the Shenzhen parks signature coaster is a Vekoma SLC so this will be a great new addition to that park.


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Hmm... that link over there says they will be 60 metres tall, not 40. Which makes me think...
Or even:

Given the amount of money China seems to possess at the moment, we can hope for something a little more complicated than a launch and a hill, but previous coasters with those stats have been very simple.

Will still be excellent additions, though.


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Hm, yah, I'm guessing they're gonna be similar to Hypersonic or Dodonpa just as Pokey said, but then there's the four across seating which sounds interesting as well.

I'll be keeping an eye on here! I wanna see layouts.


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I think this will be along the lines of Powder Keg. Or at least I hope they will be!


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The four across seating sounds really interesting. Too bad there aren't any members from that area of the world on here yet. It would be nice to have a bit more news than just what we have now.



If it turns out to be a Thurst Air, I sure as anything hope it stays as a nice small layout like those other ones. It'll save from the pain. Outside of the launch, Hypersonic has little to no redeeming qualities... not the least of which is low capacity and unreliability. I'm wonder why the choice of S&S when we Ring Racer sitting in Germany *still* waiting to open.

Let's hope it's something like Powder Keg that actually seems to be a decent coaster.


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I quite enjoyed Dodonpa, thank you very much. I never found either of the Thrust Air coasters to be rough at all.

Yes, I rode H:XLC in it's final year, why do you ask?


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The Beijing one will be near to the B&M flyer and almost completely over the water. Apparently they both have quite wild layouts too.


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^I was just trying to work out where they'd find space in the Beijing park. Over that lake would be cool. It might overcrowd that area though, but whatever.