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02-09-2010: My first Thorpe trip went a little like this...


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*kiss noise* and twist...
nah, not really.

We arrived at the park about 10:30 and got straight in thanks to the Cook’s Annual Passes. Lucky we didn’t have to pay as the queues were massive and packed with chavs. (as to be expected. It’s Thorpe) We decided to head off to Colossus as I wanted to ride either that or Inferno first. However, as the queue time for Logger’s Leap was shorter, we rode that first. I quite enjoyed it, especially the airtime on the main drop. It was after we left Logger’s Leap that I saw Wannabe Ciall <3 Although real Ciall would have been better ;)

Next we headed to Saw Alive as the queue for that was only 10 minutes or so. We got on much quicker though. As scare attractions go it’s ok. Not great by any means. It was either a bit too dark or smoky to see any of the detail which was a shame, but the live actors were good, and got the lad at front to scream a few times. So much for him being “hard”. Or maybe he hadn’t meant it in that sense...

After Saw Alive we went back to Colossus. My first coaster of the day and I was pretty impressed. We were sat in the second car from the back. I enjoyed the layout and I really liked the way you came out of your seat on the inline twists. The queue time was 30 minutes but we got on pretty much straight away due to disability access, although I wouldn’t have minded queuing 30 minutes as I really enjoyed the ride. I also got a good ORP out of the ride as well, though admittedly, it was the only time I let go of the restraints :p

We’d heard that the lights had been turned on inside X:/ No Way Out, so we ventured over there to check that out. I was planning to ride the ride blindfolded first, to see if it actually did make you feel queasy and disoriented, but surprise surprise, the ride had broken down. At this point we decided to do the rapids. Which were crap. Good job we didn’t queue for it, as I couldn’t justify queuing for such tosh.

As we’d spent half an hour wandering round and doing the rapids, we decided next we’d do Nemesis Inferno.

I enjoyed it, though it’s nowhere near as good as Nemesis. But I didn’t expect it to be. Again, the queue time was about 60 minutes, but we got straight on the ride, seated on the back row. This ride provided me with the best ORP of the day, and it also appeared to amuse the bored worker at the ORP stand who laughed at the picture when he saw it. This is one of my favourite ORPs of me.

We headed back to X:/ No Way Out and this time managed to get on. As we were going through the exit (which is bloody long) Andrew managed to make a girl leaving the ride scream which amused me. We got on the ride and first time I rode it blindfolded. I can see why they put the lights on as I came off feeling sick and I have never left a ride feeling like that. It wasn’t as bad as everyone makes out but it was a bit crap.

After that we stopped and had lunch and I watched Stealth going round for a bit. Which was a surprise as I hear it’s prone to breaking down (as I was later to find out first hand). We decided that after lunch, as it was warm and the queue time was only about 10-15 minutes, we’d do Tidal Wave. I thoroughly enjoyed Tidal Wave, and loved how the water seemed to freeze mid air before dropping down on to you.

Saw: The Ride came next. I hadn’t looked at any POVs or anything before the ride and had pretty much only seen adverts, as I wanted to judge it all as I was on it. The only thing I knew it did was an inline twist inside, as Raybould and Ollie ruined that for me at Flamingo Land :p. As we were on the second train, we got Billy’s little chat about something or other. We got a good view as we were on the right side at the front. As we turned the corner I saw the blades. As I didn’t have my glasses on, they looked like holograms so I thought we’d go through them or something. It also hadn’t registered that we’d climbed stairs to get to the station, so I was not anticipating a drop. The first drop I thought was awesome, as was the inline. I got squirted by Jigsaw on the floor, only at the time I didn’t realise it was supposed to be him as I was so busy looking around. The lift hill was the only bit I was worried about as I dislike lift hills, but it was over so quickly. The rest of the ride I thought was really good, or to put it in the words of the screaming guy next to me, “sick man”. Saw also makes me pull a weird face, which is apparent in the ORP.

We went back to X:/ No Way Out after this and this time I rode it without the blindfold so I could see if it made a difference. In my opinion it did. In the station Ollie managed to hold up the train, by being a goon and having his camera obviously in his hand, to the point where he even turned round to see if he could film between the seats. This time, I got to see the layout and I thought the ride was much better with the lights on. But it’s still not a very good ride.

Next we headed to the 4D show, Time Voyagers. It had a bit of a fit at the start, and the all the effects went off a few times, so we were soaked before it even started. I wasn’t impressed with the film, or the effects to be honest, though that might be something to do with the fact that the Disney World 4D shows are much better than ones over here.

It was now time to prepare myself for the most hardcore, and epic ride in Thorpe. The Flying Fish. What. A. Ride. It was epic. Ok it was crap, but it’s a credit... so I had to ride it of course. After riding such an intense ride, I had to ride something a bit more chilled, so we headed to Detonator. I am normally frightened by drop towers (just ask Raybould or Ollie) but I just wasn’t scared of this ride. We got on in about 15 minutes (after having to watch a fat chav ride topless. Ew) and I loved it. The drop was a lot more fun than I imagined it would be.

We were able to do another big ride after this, so we headed to Inferno again. Shock horror, it was experiencing problems, so we went to ride Colossus again.

This time we thought it’d be fun to practice for Scream if You Know the Answer, you know just in case, so we shouted random foods in alphabetical order. We did ok getting about 12 points. It’s a lot harder than it looks haha :p Especially as I kept screaming :p

Stealth was next after this. The queue time was 45 minutes, but we ended up queuing an hour, any guesses as to why? Yep. It broke down. Of course, it is Thorpe after all. After the ride was reset the queue moved pretty quickly, but I chickened out at the end, because I don’t like launches that much and I don’t like heights. So no cred for me. I hadn’t expected to ride it that day as I didn’t really like the look of it in the first place. But oh well.

As we’d waited much longer than planned, we went back to Saw and we got straight on there because of the disability access. This time we were in the first train, and that made me realise it was better to go in the second train first. This time as we went round, I kept my eyes open so I could take in as much detail as possible on the inline. This meant I got squirted in the eye with the water by Jigsaw. Brilliant :p I got a second ORP off this ride, as I still had one ride left on my photo pass and didn’t know if I’d be coming back to Thorpe during this season. Again, the weird face showed up.

We had a little bit of time left, and Andrew wanted a POV on X:/ No Way Out (Ollie had learnt he shouldn’t do POVs because he’s a bit too obvious with his camera ;)) So we headed back there. We got there, and it had been closed for “essential cleaning”. So we guessed someone had puked. Lovely. We decided at that point to head back to Inferno. We got on straight away again, due to the disability access and this time, we went round with our legs crossed, just to see what it felt like. It was really weird to be honest. After we’d done that, I went and got a few pictures of the rides and then we left.

Overall I enjoyed myself. Alton Towers is still better though. Obviously.


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Re: 02-09-2010: My first Thorpe trip went a little like this

WelcomeToOblivion said:
It was after we left Logger’s Leap that I saw Wannabe Ciall <3 Although real Ciall would have been better ;)

WelcomeToOblivion said:
Sam Pepper, anyone? :p

Nice PTR, Maddie! Inferno I think is the most reliable of coasters in the park...a tad surprised it had problems :)

Oh, and I'm taking you on Stealth. End of.


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^ haha.
I know, it was running as we were on Detonator, then as we got there, it had stopped and they were testing it.
Haha thanks Ciall :p I was thinking, it's probably best if I'm not picked for SIYKTA. I wouldn't get much money if I can't ride Stealth :p


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^ Haha, the trick is when you are told what topic you have, preparing all your answers, and as soon as you launch, just shout them all out :p I'd be quite good at it me thinks :)


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Looks like you had a good time at Thorpe. Still surprised that you'd never been before.


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^Well I only really got into coasters about 2 years ago, and because I live up north it was a bit of a trek if I wasn't going to do anything
Sounds like you had a nice little introduction to the world of Thorpe. Funnily enough I was actually there the same day as you and Ollie, I'm surprised we didn't bump into each other. At least you had a good day, I've been 11 times so far this year and that was the worst day I've ever had, possibly due to the insane amount of chavs.

Well, you survived the extremity of Flying Fish, so surely you could eat Stealth for breakfast?...XD Seriously though, Stealth is made of win so force yourself on it.

But I'm rather shocked that you didn't go on Rush! It's one of the only rides there that's actually thrilling...

But as you've already stated, Alton is evidently better.