1. CrashCoaster

    SW9 at Alton Towers

    I'm sure I created a topic on this when I first joined the site and it got locked, but since Wicker Man (SW8) is officially open, it can't possibly be too soon to start speculating as to what SW9 will be, and where it will go. Personally, I could see anything from a multi-launch coaster...
  2. TLARides

    Rides that really disappointed you.

    As I was watching videos on the GP's take on Alton Towers' SW8 (which I didn't find much on), I wondered; Is this coaster actually going to be as cool and exciting as we think it will be? We know how Mystic Timbers turned out, great ride with a cool story but an absolutely crap shed that...
  3. TLARides

    What are your theories/thoughts on Alton Towers' SW8?

    There's been a lot of talk about the SW8 coaster Alton Towers is opening in their 2018 season. People have said it could be a GCI woodie, which seems unlikely because one of the blueprint photos showed what appeared to be a heartline/360 roll. I don't recall ever seeing a GCI coaster do an...