1. Matt N

    Rank the SeaWorld Orlando coasters

    Hi guys. SeaWorld Orlando is arguably one of the most iconic theme parks in Florida, and many of us have been there. So as I’m in a mood where I really miss Florida at the moment, I thought it might be fun to rank the park’s coasters; even though the park is not really known for its roller...
  2. Matt N

    SeaWorld San Diego | Emperor | B&M Dive Coaster | 2022

    Hi guys. Sorry if this already has a thread, but as this rumour wasn't leaked by SeaWorld, I decided that it was worth its own thread. Basically, I was reading an article on Behind The Thrills today that implied that SeaWorld San Diego might receive a new coaster in 2020. In fact, they even said...
  3. Matt N

    Six Flags to acquire SeaWorld?

    Hi guys. Sorry if this already has a thread, but Themed Reality on Facebook has stated that Six Flags may potentially be in talks to buy SeaWorld. They are apparently a very reliable source. Here's what Behind The Thrills had to say on the matter...
  4. Matt N

    SeaWorld Future Additions Leak Thread

    Sorry to create my third thread of the day today, but according to the San Diego Union Tribune, SeaWorld San Diego has filed for planning permission to build yet another roller coaster in 2019, just one year after Electric Eel. According to the permit, the ride will stand at 22ft tall and will...
  5. Matt N

    2019 flat rides and turtle habitat for SeaWorld San Antonio

    Hi guys. Sorry if this already has its own thread, but construction walls have apparently appeared at SeaWorld San Antonio. They are between Rio Loco and the Shamu Stadium according to people who have visited recently. The park has also filed a permit, and rumours have been swirling that these...
  6. kenny cook

    seaworld san diego trip report!!

    hey everyone!! i'm brand new to coasterforce, so here's my debut trip report for seaworld san diego!! please enjoy!! - electric eel (2x): i absolutely loved it!! a fantastic coaster, and my new #6!! here's my full review, posted to youtube: journey to atlantis (2x): honestly, it was not as good...
  7. Pink Cadillac

    SeaWorld Orlando | Infinity Falls | River Rapids

    source Another really great investment from the Orlando park. *tries to forget they're putting VR on Kraken*
  8. Serena

    A Disney-Free Florida November 2016

    As I've failed spectacularly at my primary new years resolution to eat more veg, I'm going to take a stab at my second resolution: write more trip reports. So here is a tale from a few months back, where I went to an exotic land to get some of the worlds most elusive creds...You probably...