seaworld san diego

  1. Matt N

    SeaWorld San Diego replacing Wild Arctic in 2021

    It would seem that SeaWorld San Diego are replacing Wild Arctic with a new Arctic-themed experience in 2021. They've said that it will be under 30ft tall, and they have also indicated that the Penguin Encounter may be refurbished. Here's what Lance from Screamscape had to say about it: In my...
  2. Matt N

    SeaWorld San Diego | Emperor | B&M Dive Coaster | 2021

    Hi guys. Sorry if this already has a thread, but as this rumour wasn't leaked by SeaWorld, I decided that it was worth its own thread. Basically, I was reading an article on Behind The Thrills today that implied that SeaWorld San Diego might receive a new coaster in 2020. In fact, they even said...
  3. kenny cook

    seaworld san diego trip report!!

    hey everyone!! i'm brand new to coasterforce, so here's my debut trip report for seaworld san diego!! please enjoy!! - electric eel (2x): i absolutely loved it!! a fantastic coaster, and my new #6!! here's my full review, posted to youtube: journey to atlantis (2x): honestly, it was not as good...