1. Matt N

    The Smiler vs Saw The Ride; which Merlin Gerstlauer do you prefer?

    Hi guys. Merlin Entertainments currently operates two Gerstlauer thrill coasters across its portfolio of theme parks; The Smiler at Alton Towers and Saw The Ride at Thorpe Park. These are two very different coasters; The Smiler is an Infinity Coaster with a record-breaking 14 inversions as its...
  2. Serena

    Swarming Up For The Season | THORPE PARK | 31st Mar 2019

    Well...what else are you gonna do on a Sunday in March?! The first CF Live of 2019 sees us finally return to the UK's most thrilling island...Thorpe Park! Expect some classic B+M goodness, Derren Brown hilarity and a memorial service for Loggers Leap. Firstly, I need to get a rough idea of...