public transport

  1. Rob Coasters

    I trekked, Utrecht, We trekked to Walibi

    After just one overnight coach trip to Belgium I'm now very comfortable with doing the same thing again but longer, so that's exactly what I did. Next target: Untamed. I don't really have as much to say as what I did with Plopsaland, but I'll run through the basics: I booked a 9:30pm FlixBus...
  2. Matt N

    In your view, what is wrong with British public transport and what would you do to solve the problems?

    Hi guys. With climate change becoming an increasing issue, public transport is arguably more important than ever. One thing I have noticed is that in general, people’s opinion of British public transport is pretty low, and UK public transport supposedly being awful almost seems to be a running...
  3. Rob Coasters

    Parks you've done that were difficult to get to

    This'll be interesting - let us know the faffiest park trips you've done. Obviously I won't rank ALL of the parks I've been to (and you don't have to either) but I'll put down the most notable ones: As I do not yet drive this ranking will be majority public transport, but sometimes as a...