1. F

    High resolution photos for project

    I'm looking for some very high resolution photos, ideally for B&M track, for my sons school project...... I;ve found a lot online, but low resolution, which look awful when we print in poster size. Does anyone have pics they are prepared to share, or know of a good online resource with 300dpi...
  2. Ireeb

    Do you have good pictures of Phantasialand's and Europa-Parks coasters?

    Hi guys, I am planning to print acrylic glass plates with my favorite coasters and hang them on my wall. I found good pictures for most of the coasters I want to hang on my wall, but there are some I am not really happy with. So I thought maybe there are some (hobby)photographers amongst you who...
  3. Coaster Hipster

    Making silly poses for the on-ride pic?

    You might not actually buy the picture, but since the camera flashes you anyways, do you try to take a particular gesture or position for the on-ride photo? It is kind of silly to do that, I know, but I find it pretty fun, especially with friends when you can do some coordination! One very hard...