1. H

    Opinions on the best European coaster, and why

    I'm curious to find out in the community what the general opinion /consensus of the best coaster in Europe is, and obviously everyone will have an opinion to share too.
  2. F

    What coaster do you think Cedar Point will get in the next 3 years?

    My guess for the next coaster is either a gci, a trex, or a gerstlauer infinity.
  3. Matt N

    Your Least Common Opinions: General Edition

    Hi guys. Over in the General Discussions & Opinions forum, I've noticed that the least common opinion thread started by @Jarrett seems to be very popular, so I thought it might be interesting to do that, but for more general things as opposed to just theme parks. I'll get the ball rolling with...
  4. Ellie Gelsthorpe

    Is the UK theme park industry heading for a bumpy ride?

    Hi guys, I'm Ellie and I'm an undergraduate student in my final year of study at Edinburgh Napier University. As part of my final year I need to write a dissertation and mines is focusing on challenges facing the UK theme park industry either currently or in the near future. As a result of...