large scale

  1. Matt N

    Will we ever see another large-scale 4D coaster?

    Hi guys. 4D coasters seem to have become all the rage as of late, with S&S’ 4D Free Spin model in particular flying off the shelves at the moment. But it’s quite easy to forget that before the era of modern, compact 4D coasters, it was a different type of 4D coaster that started it all; the...
  2. Matt N

    SFA | Harley Quinn Spinsanity | Zamperla Giant Discovery

    Hi guys. I was just reading through today's Screamscape news update when I found this particularly interesting item regarding a potential future addition to Six Flags America: Very interesting! Even though we don't know much, I'd say that this is an exciting rumour; Lance is usually spot on...
  3. Matt N

    Are regular investments into large-scale coasters going to become a thing of the past?

    Hi guys. When I was reading through the Thorpe Park future thread, I had a thought. Many parks these days seem to be building more economical additions to attract guests, even in major years. And it's not only Merlin that is doing this. Take Six Flags, for example. Most of the additions added...