infinity coaster

  1. maiconcosta

    Road Blaster - Gerstlauer Infinity Coaster

    Statistics: Length: 1050m (3444ft) Height: 14m (45ft) Speed: 67Km/h (41mph) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ DOWNLOAD LINK...
  2. maiconcosta

    Road Blaster by Maicon Costa

    I had this layout since last year, and whenever I looked at it, I thought everyone would call it boring, but when I did, I thought of a fun family 4-step ride. Step 1: Light Launch // Step 2: Backwards // Step 3: Main Launch // Step 4: Tilt and final layout...
  3. F

    What coaster do you think Cedar Point will get in the next 3 years?

    My guess for the next coaster is either a gci, a trex, or a gerstlauer infinity.
  4. TLARides

    Favorite coaster type?

    Mine is either Gerstlauer Infinity Coaster, Gerstlauer Euro-Fighter, B&M Invert, or Vekoma Swinging Invert (at least I think that's who designed that). But enough about me, how about you?