1. Matt N

    GCI vs Gravity Group: which wooden coaster company do you like more?

    Hi guys. I’m in a poll kind of mood today, so today I ask; of the two main traditional wooden coaster manufacturers (GCI and Gravity Group), which one do you personally like more? The reason I’m not including other companies like RMC and Intamin in this is because they build very different types...
  2. F

    What coaster do you think Cedar Point will get in the next 3 years?

    My guess for the next coaster is either a gci, a trex, or a gerstlauer infinity.
  3. Matthew Fair

    Some interesting manufacturer graphs..

    Threw these together this evening. Interesting stuff!
  4. Hyde

    New Trains for Wildcat at Lake Compounce

    For 2017, gone will be the 3-bench PTCs, replaced by new GCI Millennium Flyers: This is not the only "modern" upgrade for the coaster - it also received magnetic brakes in 2007.