blackpool pleasure beach

  1. Matt N

    Blackpool Pleasure Beach 24th August 2019

    Hi guys. Today, me and my parents went to Blackpool Pleasure Beach for their Late Night Riding event. Now, we had been staying in the very nice Big Blue Hotel last night, so we were able to gain quick entry via the hotel entrance, which provided a great starting view: After getting into the...
  2. S

    Blackpool Central Leisure Development- Announcement Imminent

    Hello all! First time on this forum. I've had a brief look through the forums and I don't believe anything has been posted about this yet so I thought it'd be worth sharing. This Friday, 7 November, plans are going to be revealed for a new "world-class" attraction in Blackpool. All signs are...
  3. Joe Myler

    New Ride At Blackpool Pleasure Beach?

    Markings have been spotted on the old site of trauma towers at the pleasure beach which could indicate a new ride to soon come to Blackpool. Personally I would love to see a Mack Big Dipper because after seeing videos and clips of Lost Gravity at Walibi Holland, I would love to see one operating...
  4. Matt N

    Rank the Blackpool Pleasure Beach coasters

    Hi guys. Sorry if we've already got a thread like this, but as we've got coaster ranking threads for many other parks, I thought I'd make one for the Pleasure Beach. I'll get the ball rolling with my personal rankings, which may be a little controversial to some: Icon Nickelodeon Streak Big...
  5. Coaster Hipster

    First coaster trip in England! Blackpool, Alton, Thorpe, Chessington 18'

    For whatever reasons, I never visited English amusement parks until this year, even though coasters across the Channel - especially Alton's - had my interest ever since I became an enthusiast back in 2005. But with the additions of both Icon and Wicker Man and the opportunity to join fellow...
  6. Thecoasterrus

    Blackpool Pleasure Beach: Future Predictions

    So Pleasure Beach Experience just uploaded a video sharing their predictions for the pleasure beach within the next 10 years. They discuss how you have to be realistic when thinking about the restrictions that the pleasure beach has such as the limited budget they have, which got me thinking...