1. Matt N

    What coaster has the strongest airtime, in terms of the actual level of force?

    Hi guys. Many of us often cite coasters as having strong airtime; particular examples of coasters that are praised for their insane airtime include rides like RMCs, El Toro and Skyrush, to name just a few. But the question I'm asking with this thread is; does anyone know which coaster has the...
  2. ashcoaster3

    When will an RMC be in the UK?

    Who thinks the first RMC will come to the UK in a few years?
  3. ashcoaster3

    Favourite coaster drop?

    OK so this does not have to involve your favorite ride. My favorite coaster drop was actually Knigtmare's 2nd drop at Camelot (now defunct and abandoned). Wasn't a great ride but I thought the 2nd drop was very powerful and gave great air time. Love the steep twist and steep bank.