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  1. CrashCoaster

    Plans for RMC Raptor at Wild Water West in South Dakota for 2021

    @Kw6sTheater sent me this:- Start from page 18 for coaster info. Certainly wasn't expecting this! We could be seeing another Raptor coming to the world, and it seems like we could be seeing 3 next...
  2. CrashCoaster

    Wonderland Eurasia/Ankapark closes - After a year of operation.

    So... The park has closed down. Lol what a waste of money. Seems there will be another Intamin 10 inversion knocking around. Drayton Manor, anyone?
  3. CrashCoaster

    Anti-Rollbacks on Old Schwarzkopfs/Zierers

    I've always thought that the Zierer/Schwarzkopfs (Knightmare, Jetline and Lisebergbanan) had a weird track and lift design, and I could never figure out where the Anti-Rollbacks were placed on the lift hill. You can quite clearly hear their presence, but I can't see them. Does anyone know where...
  4. CrashCoaster

    New Intamin RMC Raptor-Style Coaster

    Looks like Intamin took inspiration from the RMC Raptor for this lapbar single rail concept. Crappy photo, but you can see the Taron-style restraints:- With this and the new GCI steel track, RMC now have some serious competition. No wonder they were selling off that Raptor at a discount.
  5. CrashCoaster

    Busch Gardens Tampa Files New Plans For 2021

    BGT have filed plans for a new 2021 ride, dubbed "Project Jethro". Looks like they could be getting a Screamin' Swing potentially, based on the size and shape of the proposed ride area:- If it doesn't end up being a Screamin' Swing, what else do you think it could be?
  6. CrashCoaster

    IAAPA 2019

    Since there is not a designated thread for this yet, I thought I would do the honours. Here is the schedule for the press conferences:- What are you guys looking forward to seeing most from this year's...
  7. CrashCoaster

    New Skyline Skywarp Design - The Orbit

    Skyline Attractions has just released a video showing off their new orbit design, which depicts a top hat connected to a cutback:- Some stats:- - 30ft tall. - 297ft long. - 71' x 51' footprint. - 28 passengers per cycle (14 per station). Looks better than the Horizon design, but still looks...
  8. CrashCoaster

    Big One Partial Re-Track @Pleasure Beach

    I'm happy to report that the Big One is recieving a partial re-track this off season, with much of the return section seeing track replacement:- Video by Pleasure Beach Experience. EDIT:- Seems like this is just a relatively small re-track, with just a few valleys and rough patches being...
  9. CrashCoaster

    Aquatica San Diego to become Sesame Place San Diego for 2021

    Just came across this:- This should be a nice development! I'm interesting in how the water park and the dry park will interact though. Will people be riding the rides semi-naked or the water slides fully dresses? I am curious to see how they'll go about that.
  10. CrashCoaster

    Coney Island (Cincinnati) to Remove ALL RIDES

    So apparently Coney Island in Cincinnati OH is removing all its rides soon:- Don't worry, it's not the one in New York, the Cyclone is staying. I guess the thread title is slightly click-baity.
  11. CrashCoaster

    Will we ever see another huge 4D Coaster?

    Theres currently only 3 operating S&S/Arrow 4D Coasters operating currently, and there hasn't been one built since 2012. Will we ever see another one built? They are said to be some of the most intense and popular coasters out there, so why haven't more parks purchased them? Is it down to cost...
  12. CrashCoaster

    Six Flags 2020 Announcements

    Thought I'd create a topic for this since there already is one for Cedar Fair. Anyone know when the announcement video is coming out?
  13. CrashCoaster

    S&S Air Launch in production - Where could it be going?

    So S&S just posted this on their Facebook:- At first I thought it was Maxx Force, but the track after the launch in the photo looks different, so this begs the question where is it going? I'm betting a Six Flags park, but it should certainly be interesting!
  14. CrashCoaster

    How do I get more points on CF?

    I have been stuck at 333 points on CF for the longest time, I was just wondering how do I possibly get more? I mean is it just anniversary based? I don't know how I have the number of points I do but there still a good few members who have more points, it's just kind of unclear how you get...
  15. CrashCoaster

    World's Tallest (Freestanding) Gyro Drop Tower and Slingshot for I-Drive Orlando

    So this could be another interesting development coming to ICON PARK (home of The Wheel and Orlando StarFlyer) on I-Drive. Initial announcement and construction update via Midway Mayhem:- The drop tower will be manufactured by Funtime, and will likely have the same tiny lap bar as Le Donjon de...
  16. CrashCoaster

    Tatzmania Löffingen | Gold Rusher | Gerstlauer Bobsled (Green Hornet Clone)

    RCDB has stated a Gerstlauer Bobsled coaster is opening at Tatzmania Löffingen (home to currently just a 2018 SBF 3-Loop spinner in terms of coasters) later this year, which is confirmed because photos of the coaster pieces have been uploaded to the site:- Gerstlauer...
  17. CrashCoaster

    2nd Gen Reverchon Spinning Wild Mice

    Oh god. Meh. I doubt they'll be any better than the regular versions to be honest, but I am a little curious I have to admit. Should be interesting to see what comes of this.
  18. CrashCoaster

    Future Industry Speculation Thread

    Hi everyone. I thought I'd create a thread where we can speculate on what parks may be adding in the future, and what we'd like to see come to said parks, and other people's opinions on these, as to what could be a likely thing to happen. As well as other industry possibilities, such as the...
  19. CrashCoaster

    Where Can I Buy Manufacturer Merch?

    I really want to go to theme parks and wear an RMC t-shirt to troll lots of enthusiasts, but I can't find how people are able to purchase them. Are they only exclusive for people who work for the company or are they purchasable by anyone?
  20. CrashCoaster

    HyperKik - New Hyperloop Transportaton System For Duinrell?

    I can't make sense of this video since it s all in Dutch, could someone please tell me if the title is anywhere near correct?