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  1. streetmagix

    Dreamworld Australia To Close Tower Of Terror

    I rode ToT for the first (and I guess last time) in September 2019. It was barely getting to half way up the tower and it made some funky noises as it repositioned into the station. It was a great ride though, despite the lack of speed height. Saying that, as the tunnel starts just a few meters...
  2. streetmagix

    Your Least Common Opinion?

    No Gigas yet, but I'll be heading to Carowinds next year. My ride only had one trim that I could feel, plenty of airtimes (including ejector off the MCBR) and some nice positives. I really enjoyed it but I don't doubt that Fury 325 is better.
  3. streetmagix

    Your Least Common Opinion?

    Raging Bull at Six Flags Great America is a great coaster, and one of the best B&M hypers. Only Shambhala and Mako are better in my opinion, and above Silver Star, Hollywood Dream and Goliath at Six Flags Over Georgia.
  4. streetmagix

    Rollercoasters which are too intense?

    Whilst the rest of the ride is pretty tame (and honestly a little boring), the pretzel on Superman Ultimate Flight at Six Flags Great America was vile. I was fine with the ones one at Superman at Over Georgia, Manta at Seaworld Orlando and Flying Dinosaur at USJ. Just something about the one at...
  5. streetmagix

    Small News From The Theme Park Industry

    I was there a few weeks ago and they were playing the full Jurassic Park OST on their (not at all licensed) dinosaur themed area. They were also playing Rocky OST as well as some modern rock music. I guess they thought copyright didn't apply to them!
  6. streetmagix

    Dollywood | Wildwood Grove | New Kids Area for 2019

    I can start to grey out on Raik sometimes, that helix is pretty forceful.
  7. streetmagix

    Last Cred Review

    I've just got back from Walygator Park in France, here's a quick review of the 3 big coasters there. Comet Comet is a Vekoma looping coaster, although the trains look very Arrow-y to me. Very odd that the back of the train is smoother than the front, the front is very head bangy. Towards the...
  8. streetmagix

    Roughest B&M?

    Dragon Khan was pretty rough when I last rode it ~3 years ago. Goliath at Six Flags over Georgia is pretty painful, the bottom of each valley is rough. Like a jackhammer. I did 4 rides and I could feel like my back starting to get painful, something that never normally happens. A shame as it...
  9. streetmagix

    Hotgo Park | Unknown | B&M Wing Coaster & B&M Hyper Coaster

    I could see the Wing Coaster being sold and relocated without too much issue, it would suit a medium tier park needing a 'new' thrill coaster. The Hyper though has a sprawling layout which could cause some major headaches in relocating it, as you'd need a HUGE area to construct it which most...
  10. streetmagix

    Ugliest Ride Stations

    Goliath at Walibi Holland. Yikes.
  11. streetmagix

    Small News From The Theme Park Industry

    From what I read in the press release: yes. Well, they said that their season pass would be valid at all other Six Flags par which implies that Six Flag passes will be valid there.
  12. streetmagix

    Parques Reunidos Opinions

    This is slightly offtopic but B&M fabricate their track on Ohio, shipping it by road to Carowinds or Disneyland etc. Mack fabricate in Germany, with higher wages, import duties and the higher costs of sea transport. Trains also are a super expensive too and need to be shipped from Germany out to...
  13. streetmagix

    SFMM | West Coast Racers | Premier Quad Launch Möbius Sky Rocket

    The new housing development could be an issue, despite the park being there already. Brands Hatch was opened in the 1940s yet a housing development opened a few years ago forced them to restrict noise levels and days as the new residents complained. Same with many other circuits in the UK. Alton...
  14. streetmagix

    Do you count coasters you rode pre-enthusiast?

    I'm not into counting the coasters I've ridden, it's around the 130 mark I think, but anything you've ridden should count. Anything I rode a while ago, before I was that into coasters, I don't put in any rankings. I loved both Flying Dinosaur and Hollywood The Dream at USJ but I don't put them...
  15. streetmagix

    Walibi Holland | Untamed | RMC Robin Hood Conversion

    Walibi Holland already have 2 coasters with tonnes of airtime, Goliath and Lost Gravity. Do they really need a third? I'm going to imagine it'll be like Wild Fire, enough airtime with some nice inversions. A nice all rounder.
  16. streetmagix

    Futuroscope | Mission Kepler | Intamin spinner

    Intamin do all sorts of rides, coasters and monorails. In fact the new Bologna Airport Monorail is from them. They just seem to invent new coasters, build a bunch of them and then move on. See: Mega Lites, Plug and Play Wooden Coasters, Wing (Skyrush style) and Accelerator coasters.
  17. streetmagix

    Small News From The Theme Park Industry

    'Yeah I dropped my wristband somewhere, it was number 65. Yeah, the blue bag. Thanks'
  18. streetmagix

    Cedar Point 2020: What could it be?

    Like others I don't think Cedar Point will get anything record breaking for 2020. Special events, maybe something like a 24 hour opening to coincide with the original opening day. Improvements, small additions and some new signage/merch for the year. I'm not sure they really need more family...
  19. streetmagix

    Parks that staple you and parks that let you go loose

    Liseberg is WEIRD. I noticed on several rides people stapling themselves into the seat. Like, full force pushing down. At least 2 or 3 people per cycle. Even after the ride ops had checked the bars. I've never seen anything like it. They added seatbelts to Helix because 'guests felt unsafe'...