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  1. theGman

    The World of David Walliams is coming to Alton Towers

    Merlin have released a full press release on the ride. It covers a lot of the info covered by the Towers Street article but in further detail, describing some of the ride's scenes, with riders exploring sewers and racing through the streets of London. Notably, the ride is described as a 4D...
  2. theGman

    Golden Ticket Awards 2019 Winners

    To be fair, the ride isn't actually in Holland either.
  3. theGman

    Kanonen finds new life

    Ooh, hoping they pull off some of the theming in that concept art. That volcano area in particular looks fab. Has anyone been able to place where in the park each of the images are located?
  4. theGman

    Dreamworld Australia | Unknown | Modified Blue Fire Clone

    Ahhh, thought the concept art still looked pretty Blue Fire-y. Still, great to see, though from what I've heard the ones with the halfpipe launches are considered the weakest of the Mack launchers. Hopefully, they've done some work to improve on them, though I imagine the spinning train alone...
  5. theGman

    Dreamworld Australia | Unknown | Modified Blue Fire Clone

    Oh no, I got that, I still think it's a surprising amount considering the park's situation and how sparse investment seemed to be even before the incident. Looking at the article, the coaster by itself is costing them 30M AUD/£16, so not the most expensive but still pretty significant. I hope...
  6. theGman

    Dreamworld Australia | Unknown | Modified Blue Fire Clone

    For a second I thought the coaster was confirmed to be named Mammoth! For those wondering, 50 million AUD is about £27.5M. A surprising amount for a struggling park whose last coaster was a Maurer SkyLoop in 2011, but I suppose they have to ship it pretty far.
  7. theGman

    Rank the Thorpe Park coasters

    Swarm - My first big coaster, the first drop is super fun and I love some of the interactions. Shame about the length and how tight the vests can be. Stealth - Short but sweet, the launch is fantastic and the airtime at the top is great if hampered a tad by the restraints. Inferno - A solid if...
  8. theGman

    Dreamworld Australia | Unknown | Modified Blue Fire Clone

    Good to see Australia getting another solid coaster, even if it is a clone. With DC Rivals, Leviathan and now this, the Gold Coast has a nice growing selection of creds, including a lovely pair of Macks! I'm assuming that this will be modified to include a seatbelt like DC Rivals, or was that...
  9. theGman

    Your first, favourite and least favourite coaster from each manufacturer

    Not exactly the most well-travelled but here's my list regardless. B&M (7) First: The Swarm Favourite: Nemesis (3) Least fav: Oblivion (20) Intamin (7) First: Stealth Favourite: Taron (2) Least fav: Rita (38) Mack (7) First: Flying Fish Favourite: Helix (1) Least fav: Flying Fish (34) Maurer...
  10. theGman

    Alton Towers 2020

    HiT doesn't even exist any more. Mattel bought them out and redirected HiT's website to their own. Even before that, they were never really a recognisable name on the same scale as CBeebies, and their properties were usually seen as separate brands rather than a family of characters. This is...
  11. theGman

    Alton Towers 2020

    The box says handle with care. As do a lot of boxes with fragile items inside. I don't think it means anything. The real question is why the Towers-shaped box has two this way up markers, each pointing in the opposite direction? Are they trying to confuse the people storing this stuff?
  12. theGman

    Energylandia | Zadra | RMC I-Box

    That's not even mentioning Lech Coaster and the rest of Legendia just under an hour away either! Plus it's reasonably cheap to get to (at least from the UK)
  13. theGman

    Europa Park to add a new major Mack coaster within the next 5 years

    That's the bizzare thing, the page was just gone, even when directly linking to it. Guess they found it easier to completely take it down while they worked on updating it.
  14. theGman


    Another difference between King's Dominion and Carowinds is that Hurler wasn't the only woodie at the former, so I would expect an RMC conversion of it to be down the priority list until the park can build a new GCI or GG coaster to replace it.
  15. theGman

    Kings Island | Orion | B&M Giga Coaster

    ah yes, my favourite park.. KIONG'S ISLUND
  16. theGman

    Kings Island | Orion | B&M Giga Coaster

    I'm seeing this mostly as fun, somewhat jokey speculation based on the link between the first two rides they chose to show off. That said, if the manufacturer does turn out to be Vekoma over B&M I think it would be a better fit for the park, especially with Diamondback already there. As for...
  17. theGman

    Kings Island | Orion | B&M Giga Coaster

    This is new vekoma we're talking about. It's a very different company to what we've seen in the past. I have no doubt that they could build a fantastic giga coaster. After all, they very nearly got the contract for Hyperion. I still think this'll be a B&M though
  18. theGman

    Thorpe Park: What could the future hold?

    Right, quick report on what was said during the TTSP event at Thorpe over the weekend (the same event that the 2020 concept art was shown off at two years ago). It seems that there's a lot of changes in the pipeline for Thorpe, with the new divisional director taking the park in a new direction...
  19. theGman

    Walibi Holland | Untamed | RMC Robin Hood Conversion

    There was me thinking Lost Gravity used up all the potential inspiration Walibi could get from The Smiler. Seriously though, this beast looks incredible! Hoping to visit Amsterdam this summer so will have to try and drag my group over now the park has such a fantastic top 3.
  20. theGman

    Nagashima Spa Land | Hakugei | RMC I-Box Conversion of White Cyclone

    Or maybe she just thought it looked neat?