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  1. toofpikk

    Alton Towers & Blackpool - new credits

    I WENT TO ALTON TOWERS & BLACKPOOL LAST WEEK WITH MY MATE yeah we went and did the new rolly toasters everything and anything that does or does not need to be said about these rides has already been typed out so im gonna keep this short: Personally I thought Icon was surprisingly intense in...
  2. toofpikk

    Europa Park | Rulantica | Waterpark

    Searched about the forum and it seems no one has created a thread for this yet, so: So with an official name announcement and this cinematic, mascot revealing teaser trailer thingame bob, I think its fair to say that maybe Europa are finally finally getting somewhere with this thing. I...
  3. toofpikk

    Havin a Nice in New York n Tha'

    Havin a Nice in New York n tha' - Six Flags New England, Lake Compounce & Coney Island Just come back from spending 2 and a bit weeks in America. Fantastic time to say the least. It was quite a depressing place until you got to the beach. A nice facade to disguise the backdrop. The old...
  4. toofpikk

    Working at Europa Park

    so I just spent 3 months of my life working at Europa Park and I'd go as far to say it's probably the best 3 months I've ever had. I worked as part of the European Summer Programme and was placed on the Arthur attraction for my duration, where I essentially just worked the same as any other...
  5. toofpikk

    Phantasialand - the best park in the world?

    Hi one and all, I am just a lurker here really so you probably haven't seen me around before. I've recently returned from a trip I took to Phantasialand and have alot to share. It doesn't take much to make an impression to me, and I feel like the impression Phantasialand makes is...