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    Photos from abandoned theme parks

    bump... There are a few here:
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    Thoughts on Swarm

    I wouldn't say it beats most of the theming at Thorpe, although to be honest the 'theming' of the Lost City (or whatever the place is called) is just to cram in loads of bamboo to make it look 'lost'. Amity Cove is Thorpe's best attempt at theming, which isn't saying much :lol: .
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    Thoughts on Swarm

    I went on it twice yesterday, and here are my thoughts... Theming: The attempt at theming is not that good to be honest. There are a few random scattered vehicles, but they are well incorporated into the ride experience to be fair, especially the aeroplane wing of course. The station having no...
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    Time Is your time right?
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    Thorpe Park |"The Swarm"| B&M Wing Coaster

    Re: The Swarm - B&M 'Wing-Rider', Thorpe Park 2012 Meh about the name, I'm sure it will grow on us. I'm glad they released the images of the trains, they look great IMO.
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    Thorpe Park ???

    Free if on Premium Merlin AP.
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    Oldest coasters you've ridden

    Big Dipper. Still a fantastic ride.
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    Thorpe Park |"The Swarm"| B&M Wing Coaster

    Re: LC12 - B&M 'Wing-Rider', Thorpe Park 2012 Website ( looks promising. I reckon the date is when they will announce the name for the ride.
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    Thorpe Park |"The Swarm"| B&M Wing Coaster

    BTW everyone, I was being sarcastic, I know its hard to tell on the internet :shock:
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    LC12 real name predictions

    This. And if it is called 'Armageddon' or 'Apocalypse' I might not ride it.
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    Thorpe Park |"The Swarm"| B&M Wing Coaster

    A digger on site today. Wow.
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    Most Painful Rollercoasters & Flat rides

    I am going to add to my list with the Big One. Not as bad as Goudarix, but bumpy pain, especially side-to-side :shock:
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    The Paste Game

    Eg3fAWHp That's.... interesting
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    When Holding a Knife and Fork...

    Yeah, the fork in the left hand is the 'proper way', but I agree with Ciall that I am right handed, so it just comes naturally that way and it makes sense.
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    Cuts of Steak

    My favourite cut has to be the Filet, but a massive slab of Sirloin always does the job! :--D
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    First Rollercoaster Experience Ever!?!

    BIG APPLE AT BLACKPOOL! Fun I guess, but I prefer the bigger rides now...
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    When Holding a Knife and Fork...

    ... which hand do you use for each? Myself, I use my right hand for the fork. I don't know why. I just do.
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    Yay! *Only the £1 one from M&S :wink:
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    Fun With Roller Coaster Statistics 2011

    I love statistics, woooooo! Great job :-)