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  1. Scott88

    Valhalla at Blackpool Pleasure Beach to be refurbished for 2023

    There's a huge difference between how it was in mid April compared to how it was last week for media day. It's obviously a lot better now, but there is still reliability issues because even on the media day we had two different rides on it. Clearly there's cost saving going on with it not...
  2. Scott88

    20 years of CF-Lives - Your favorite memories!

    If it wasn't for CF Lives then I think my life would have turned out very differently, joining CF forum and then doing the Lives made me realise I wasn't the only one who had an interest in coasters and theme parks. I made friends for life at my first CF Live in Feb 2005 at Blackpool Pleasure...
  3. Scott88

    Your Favourite Ever CF Lives

    A little late to the topic but I was having a scroll through the forum and found this topic so had to contribute. First ever CF Live was Feb 2005 at BPB, Thrills & Chills, so much hype on these forums leading up to it and it turned out to be a great day. It was SO cold, but a great day and...
  4. Scott88

    Liseberg Future Additions

    The water park and hotel are happening, just a case of when they happen and not if they happen. I wouldn't be expecting any new coasters for a while, like Ben, I was told similar that it will be five years minimum and that was said to me in June 2018 and then along the same lines again a few...
  5. Scott88

    Walibi Holland | Untamed | RMC Robin Hood Conversion

    Thanks for sharing @CrashCoaster! I still have my concerns about the restraint style on RMC coasters, but as far as the layout goes, it looks like an incredible coaster and I can't wait to get back over there for the Untamed opening day!
  6. Scott88

    Alton Towers Dungeon

    I was invited to the meet the makers press event by Alton Towers on Tuesday 12th March 2019 and was able to film in some of the Alton Towers Dungeon scenes, including some of the actor scenes! During the press event everyone got to hear from two of the lead people involved with the project, my...
  7. Scott88

    CF Lives 2019 Ideas Topic

    I just wanted to pick up on the quoted comment from Ben, I agree with the majority of his post to be honest but this in particular is something I wanted to pick up on. My interest in attending CoasterForce Live trips (back in 2004) came from the videos that Dan originally put out followed by the...
  8. Scott88

    Unknown ride cars on the right of valhalla.

    I don't think you saw anything other than retired Pleasure Beach ride vehicles.
  9. Scott88

    Unknown ride cars on the right of valhalla.

    Fake news, the Big One trains were taken off the track yesterday morning ready for inspection and re-work over the closed season, we were given an insight into the kind of work that'll be done on those ready for 2019 at our recent Pleasure Beach Experience club event by the park's technical...
  10. Scott88

    Linnanmäki | Taiga | Intamin LSM Launch Coaster

    Intamin Vice-President Sascha Czibulka and Ride Designer Camiel Bilsen spoke with me at the recent IAAPA European Attractions Show, in Amsterdam. I spoke to Sascha and Camiel about Taiga at Linnanmäki as well as launch coasters in general and how the technology of those has evolved over time.
  11. Scott88

    Liseberg | Valkyria | B&M Dive Coaster

    The last time I asked about it, I was told they'd have more information in the early days of August.
  12. Scott88

    ICON BELIEVE IT! | Trip Reports

    It's been over ten years since I did any sort of meet up with CoasterForce so to be able to organise a joint ERT on Icon with Ian was great! I enjoyed the fact that we did a couple of ride takeover's on the Big One and Valhalla after the ERTs, I am not really a Valhalla fan but watching everyone...
  13. Scott88

    Rock & Roller Coasters: ICON BELIEVE IT! (BPB, 23rd June)

    I got the timing's through from Pleasure Beach earlier on today; 09:00am - Meet at Information Desk in the Casino Building for registration 09:30am - ICON ERT (30 mins) Honestly have no idea how it'll work in terms of getting off and going on again, I am hopeful it'll be done the same way as...
  14. Scott88

    Top 10(ish): 2024 Edition - page 124

    6ft2 tall, by no means skinny but not that overweight, I spent my teenage years playing football, swimming and running so my thighs are quite 'toned up', so they do tend to get crushed under restraints every now and then. Shambhala's restraints are tight on my thighs but the airtime doesn't...
  15. Scott88

    Wild Mouse at BPB Closure - R.I.P. 1958-2017

    Pleasure Beach aren't concerned, they know it'll pick up once the school holidays kick in and from there onwards it'll be busy every weekend through to the end of the season. Midweek will be busy at the Pleasure Beach soon when school trip season kicks in there.
  16. Scott88

    Top 10(ish): 2024 Edition - page 124

    I don't rank SV as a top 10 coaster, it's a weird one for me because I do think its a very good coaster, its relentless, its airtime filled and a very good coaster but the restraints absolutely battered my thighs and that ruined the experience for me to the point of not riding it again during my...
  17. Scott88

    Wild Mouse at BPB Closure - R.I.P. 1958-2017

    Pleasure Beach will replace the Mouse when they're ready, last month at the Icon media event we managed to interview Nick Thompson for Pleasure Beach Experience and he did tell us planning for the next big thing is well under way; I think there's big changes coming in the North park area of...
  18. Scott88

    PortAventura Park | Sesame Street: Street Mission | Dark Ride

    I agree, personally I am not that bothered about PortAventura getting a dark ride when a new coaster is badly needed in that park, for such a big park with huge popularity, they do not have anywhere near enough coasters. I suppose we can only hope that 2020 will be the year they decide to build...
  19. Scott88

    Rock & Roller Coasters: ICON BELIEVE IT! (BPB, 23rd June)

    Just to confirm, the ICON ERT is in the morning, Avalanche ERT time to be confirmed.