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  1. Harvey

    Donut + Burger =

    I would certainly treat myself to such a thing on occasion - with bacon and cheeeeeeeeeeeeeese!
  2. Harvey

    Worst coasters you've ridden (Bottom 5/10)

    Bandit at Movie Park in Germany was pretty terrible, a boring ride and rough as a badgers badger, only went on it once, wish I hadn't bothered at all.
  3. Harvey

    Your first Drop Tower experience

    I'm thinking of Ice Blast at Blackpool, although it was probably called Playstation back then! Nothing fancy or exotic I'm afraid.
  4. Harvey

    Gigs 'n' Tours

    That's the Holmfirth Picturedrome, seen a few bands there as I lived around four miles down the road until January, not a bad little venue is it?
  5. Harvey

    Gigs 'n' Tours

    Saw guns n' roses in Glasgow last month, it was brilliant, they played three hours, finishing at 1:30am. Download Festival a couple of weeks ago as well, also brilliant, despite the weather! Haven't got anything else planned for the future - desperate for an update on when Iron Maiden will be...
  6. Harvey

    Should Alcohol be Served in Theme Parks?

    Too right it should! Everything in moderation!
  7. Harvey

    Longest Queue and Most Excessive Switchbacks

    Rita and Thirteen at Alton Towers are pretty hefty, switch back wise, and now because the queue lines intermingle, when they are both busy, it can look horrendous. MF at Cedar Point though, I believe they removed a good section of the queue line a few years ago, but it used to be totally vast.
  8. Harvey

    What's the worst station you've been in

    Bandit at Movie Park was just a free for all and a bit crap, but Shockwave at Drayton Manor is the worst for sure, it's red hot, cramped and just crappy to the max.
  9. Harvey

    Post Outrageous Lies About The Person Above

    This guy is straight.
  10. Harvey

    Longest Queue Time?

    Around 3 hours for X at SFMM, park wasn't exceptionally busy itself, but by the time the ride fianlly opened, it was over run with people.
  11. Harvey

    9/11 EDL & Muslim Extremists

    The fact is this, if these islamistc extremists or who ever they are, where to to return to their country of origin (if born outside the UK), this kind of behaviour, revolt agains the "norm" for example, wouldn't be tolerated, look at Libya and Syria for example, they would be in deep...
  12. Harvey

    UK Riots

    Diversity burned down my shop.
  13. Harvey

    Magic World, Moscow - Planned "Destination theme park"

    They were backwards when they arrested us for not carrying our papers, and we were poor after the police took all our money from us in some Moscow gulag.
  14. Harvey

    Rides that you are no longer arsed about

    Just about any top spin, anywhere, really, most of them are run on lame settings, the only one that was ever decent was as Chessington on the Wardley Weekender, like seven years ago, during which I thought I was choking on the water, we got totally drenched, but the cycle was ace.
  15. Harvey

    Smoothest Vekoma ever

    The suspended family coaster at Movie Park in Germany is really smooth, not much of a thrill ride at all, clearly, but very very smooth indeed.
  16. Harvey

    Defunct rides that you missed the most

    Magnum Force at Flamingo Land, what a brilliant, brilliant ride. No doubt the park is in better shape and looks much nicer these days..... But that was one awesome coaster.
  17. Harvey

    Osama Bin Laden - Found Dead?

    Once Hitler and Goebells had commited suicide in Berlin, the rule of Germany fell into the hands of people far more concerned for the future of the German people, than Hitler, who by this point had lost most of his sense and firm grasp on reality - the collapse of Nazi Germany had already begun...
  18. Harvey

    Test Track WDW Saftey Feature

    The cars will pass sensors on the track, which are wired back to PLC's at the rides control panels, when the sensor is passed it's circuit is completed and it signals to the mechanism driving the doors to operate, they will either be on a time delay for closure, on external to the doors theres...
  19. Harvey

    LD Relationships.

    I live in Huddersfield and my girlfriend lives in Aberdeen, a 380 mile drive (roughly six hours on average), and we do OK, I was working up there when I met her so we initially had plenty of time together, but I'm now back home and we see each other once a fortnight for as long a weekend as we...
  20. Harvey

    Should SOB Kings Island stay?

    I think it should stay, it's an icon of a ride, large and imposing, but those three row trains didn't help at all - and as Dave Morton said, a bit of TLC wouldn't hurt, infact, with those changes (infact, does it even still run those trains?), I think it'd be a pretty good ride.