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  1. steel

    Fun With Statistics 2016

    The per capita figures are the most useful I think. Asia has like 60% of the world's population and China (and India) are developing so quickly, it doesn't surprise me at all to see huge base numbers there. Whereas Australia (really Oceania) is only about 0.5% of the world's population. I'm...
  2. steel

    Adventureland, Iowa | The Monster | Gerstlauer Infinity

    Went on this today! It's phenomenal! The hangtime on the loop and especially on the last two elements is unreal. Just a really fun, really solid family thrill ride all around.
  3. steel

    Rides/Parks you rode/visited at the perfect time?

    I was at Kentucky Kingdom the day of the S:TOP accident and I rode S:TOP not four hours before it happened. I was also at Geauga Lake the day Raging Wolf Bobs derailed (and subsequently never reopened). On the happier side, I was accidentally at Valleyfair the day Steel Venom opened to the...
  4. steel

    The Most [Decade] Coaster Ever?

    10s - New Texas Giant & Leviathan 00s - Kingda Ka & Maverick - indicative of the monumental shift in focus from record-breaking to pacing, speed, and intensity. IMO the defining moment of the aughts was actually the Cedar Fair purchase of Paramount in 2006. 90s - every single B&M built from...
  5. steel

    Parkitect Theme Park Sim

    This is in early access now! I've been playing and it's so good. It's still pretty bare bones but it's so so so promising.
  6. steel

    Parks with best looking websites

    I'm kinda nostalgic for the old Cedar Point website from like 12 years ago with the little animated skyline in the banner.
  7. steel

    Cedar Point | Valravn | B&M Dive Machine

    y'all are truly so negative and jaded... take a walk... it's just a roller coaster, almost everybody who rides it is gonna love it.
  8. steel

    Roller Coaster Tycoon 4 discussion

    That's not really relevant at all as they are completely different and unrelated games that have literally nothing to do with each other. There are clearly some gameplay similarities between RCTW and Skylines (path-building mostly) but that doesn't mean anything substantial at all. City builders...
  9. steel

    Roller Coaster Tycoon 4 discussion

    RCT2 is $9.99 on Steam and you can play it today and it's probably a better game than RCTW is going to be. Also I've just seen that Cities: Skylines is on sale for $14.99 right now so PSA if you don't have that it's an amazing game.
  10. steel

    Your Perfect Coaster

    I tend to think that any one coaster that did everything perfectly "right" would feel overwrought and confused. This is sort of the problem I have with Voyage - everything it does is great, but it's too much for one ride. I guess I'm saying one of the defining qualities of a "perfect" coaster...
  11. steel

    What was the most/least substantial year of roller coasters?

    Re: What was the most/least substantial year of roller coast 1999 was almost as big as 2000 (if not bigger). Apollo's Chariot, Raging Bull, Gwazi, Afterburn, SROS @ Darien, Powder Keg, Steel Eel, Tremors, the original Medusa, Bandit, Twister @ Knoebels, Georgia Scorcher, all of Islands of...
  12. steel

    What's next for RMC?

    Re: What's next for RMC? New Concept Coaster (page 4) Yeah that's the only problem I had with Outlaw Run. It's magnificent and then you hit the brakes and you can't move your legs until they dispatch the next train.
  13. steel

    Most Anticipated 2016 Rides

    1. Lightning Rod (quad down................................. please.........) 2. Wildfire (enormous, wow, omfg) 3. Valravn (great lookin ride for a great lookin park) 4. Monster (a decent coaster for a park that desperately needed it, also Adventureland was my home park for 7 years so vested...
  14. steel

    What type of enthusiast are you?

    I guess of the cute little descriptors you've written up I'm mostly a Park Enthusiast. I just really love amusement parks. :) I like how they look, I like going on rides, I like hearing and seeing people having a good time. I'm fascinated by the demographics of amusement park guests and the...
  15. steel

    The Hypothetical Breakup of the US
  16. steel

    Valleyfair Annoucement Sept 12th

    That's true enough, and to be honest anything's 40th anniversary is not really much of a landmark, but SFGAm has definitely been much more fortunate than Valleyfair as far as new additions in the last couple decades. Granted SFGAm serves both Chicago and Milwaukee, which is something like 11...
  17. steel

    Parkitect Theme Park Sim

    It looks way better than I was expecting. Hopefully they fix the drop steepness and liven up the graphics a bit more (not too too much, I love how reminiscent the art style is of RCT1 and 2), but it seems to have already addressed some of the biggest issues with the classic RCT titles. Tbh I'm...
  18. steel

    Valleyfair Annoucement Sept 12th

    Apparently not:
  19. steel

    Cedar Point | Valravn | B&M Dive Machine

    I imagine it will have a much bigger visual impact than we are giving it credit for. This will after all be the 3rd-tallest coaster at the park, and it's right on the Ohio-side coast and the Perimeter Rd. Wicked Twister is 10 ft shorter and it still makes a big impression. I think you hit it on...
  20. steel

    Valleyfair Annoucement Sept 12th

    I'm guessing... 2016: remove Excalibur, waterpark expansion that direction + new employee lot, 1-2 flat rides. It is their 40th anniversary after all, so not out of the question to see additions to both the waterpark and the amusement park. 2017-19: A major coaster, ideally something B&M with...