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  1. Taxi

    One-of-a-kind Coasters

    Silver Bullet They don't make over-sized family coasters like that anymore ;)
  2. Taxi

    How do Launch Track Brake Fins work?

    ^Ah. I've always just assumed that's how they worked. It only makes sense, especially if you want to avoid any accidents.
  3. Taxi

    How do Launch Track Brake Fins work?

    I've been under the impression that they require power to lower. The up position is their default position, so when no power is applied they rise up.
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    Rank the B&M Hyper coasters

    Goliath @ SFOG & Shambhala. Need I say more? Intimidator is easily the weakest of the bunch, next to Raging Bull.
  5. Taxi

    If Formula Rossa was a Strata-coaster...

    If Formula Rossa were 'taller' it's height would stretch well beyond the 400-foot range. With a velocity of 66.7 m/s, the roller coaster could theoretically reach a height of 226.8 meters, or 744.2 feet when starting from ground level. However, that is omitting all friction & air-resistance...
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    Best Coaster Turns/Turnarounds

    Millennium Force's 169', 122* overbanked turn. Being blasted into your seat that high in the air, nearly inverted, is a one-of-a-kind experience. Goliath @ Six Flags Over Georgia. That spiral helix is amazing, pure ecstasy!
  7. Taxi

    Heide Park | Flug Der Dämonen | B&M Wing Coaster

    Re: Heide Park | Unknown | B&M Wing Coaster I wonder how that speed hill will fare? Probably zero airtime with these new vests, which restrict all mobility. Those vests restricted me from feeling anything but positive G's on GateKeeper.
  8. Taxi

    Kings Island | Banshee | B&M Invert

    The bottom of the first drop seems like it will pull some good G's. And being whipped around that steep of a drop should be incredible. I love the whip on Raptor. Banshee has an ever larger turn, at a much steeper angle, and much higher that Raptors. The final 1/2 helix looks to provide some...
  9. Taxi

    Cable Lift compared to Chainlift

    ^ I agree, cable lifts seem to be the way to go for parks short on space. They can get the coaster up higher using less space, when compared to a chain lift. They can quickly remove the train from the station, climb the hill faster, meaning the train will return back to the station quicker...
  10. Taxi

    Bizarro to Change Back to Superman: Ride of Steel?

    If Six Flags has the funds for something as pointless as this, why can't they spend a few extra bucks on the quality of their parks. I will never understand this company's logic. The one and ONLY reason why I see 6F considering this is because Superman is more popular name. Making it easier to...
  11. Taxi

    Gardaland | Oblivion: The Black Hole | B&M Dive Coaster

    Re: B&M Dive Machine for Gardaland in 2015 (?) ^ Dive machines are what the name implies, diving. Something short, sweet, thrilling and compact. Hence why that's all we've seen. I to wish to see something more done with these rides, they have so much potential. I much prefer dive loops to...
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    How should the height record have been broken?

    I've also been thinking of something like this for quite some time now. However, to be realistic, it would have to be built in a park with some good terrain, with huge drop-offs. I could see a 200' tall lift with a 500' drop off the side of a cliff, a quick High speed curve, and back up the...
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    Confessions on a Coaster Forum

    You need to ride a good one...
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    Your favorite/least favorite coaster from each manufacturer

    Re: Your favorite/least favorite coaster from each manufactu Main ones only here.... Intamin AG Best: Maverick & El Toro Worst: Shockwave Bolliger & Mabillard Best: Sheikra & Katun Worst: Scream & Mantis Arrow Dynamics Best: Ninja - Six Flags Magic Mountain Worst: Carolina Cyclone Premiere...
  15. Taxi

    Who really designs a coaster?

    There is no cut and dry answer. It all varies from project to project. Any one or all of those scenarios could come into play. Draftsmen & structural engineers do design the majority of the ride. They are the ones who really design a coaster.
  16. Taxi

    Question about the I305/Megalite after drop turn

    If the radius of the turn allows for it; Theoretically, infinitely large. Realistically, there is a limit. However this really all depends on the wheels themselves and what conditions they will be exposed to, and the amount of stress they will receive. The biggest issue with coaster are the...
  17. Taxi

    Comfiest coaster seat/restraint combo

    GateKeeper. VERY comfortable restraints. Had zero trouble with them until sitting on the break run, I will admit they were a bit tight, but not unbearable.
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    Cedar Fair Announces Investment in Carowinds

    In terms of coasters. Launched or Winged, possible zach-spin.
  19. Taxi

    Track v. Footers/Supports

    Well......stronger track = less supports = easier installation. The less parts the less maintenance, Parks are ALWAYS glad to hear that. And you have to consider the location, construction in an area like that was nothing short of a mess. So having less parts to move around makes it MUCH easier...
  20. Taxi

    Cedar Fair's falling out with Intamin?

    I'm talking about the early years of TTD. When the ride was closed more the first few seasons than it was open. Dragster and Xcelerator were basically planned and designed at the same time. The Hydraulic launch was also new at the time. They only had a few months to get Xcelerator's...