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  1. Gazza

    Favorite Rip Ride Rockit song

    Probably this one:
  2. Gazza

    Why does the South West of England lack major or semi-major theme parks?

    I think it could be because the geography isn't as advantageous. Clearly anything in London will do well. And Alton is in the middle of the country, and quite convenient to larger cities. Blackpool is fairly well placed to for the major cities in the north. But then the south west is sort of...
  3. Gazza

    Arabian Nights: Exploring the Coasters of Saudi Arabia (Part 8)

    Now that would be an extreme sport.
  4. Gazza

    Arabian Nights: Exploring the Coasters of Saudi Arabia (Part 8)

    Come on man! Tooty = Tutankhamun But agreed the name is probably the funniest theme park name out there.
  5. Gazza

    Mirabilandia | New coaster | ??? | 2025

    This 100%. The graphics seem family friendly on the poster.
  6. Gazza

    Fantasiana | Wiener Looping 2.0 (relocated) | Mack Stryker Coaster | 2025

    They are completely separate coasters. You can tell by the teasers shown by both parks
  7. Gazza

    37 minutes at Luna Park Sydney

    Aww did you have a look in Coney Island Funny Land at least? And the Rotor is good too. Too bad the Wild Mouse is still under construction. First time I've heard Big Dipper described as smooth. Granted I only rode it shortly after opening where it would shake/vibrate (much like Steel...
  8. Gazza

    USA - The South

    Today I climbed a tree whilst listening to the podcast app. Then I had lunch. Top 3 foods i ate: 1-Sandwich 2-Chips 3-Orange Juice
  9. Gazza

    USA - The South

    This trip report would be better if it was more of a writeup instead of being like a twitter feed of what you are doing at an exact moment. And pics.
  10. Gazza

    Bellewaerde Park | Mundo Amazonia | Intamin Rapids & More | 2024

    I'm visiting in August, I know this the exact sort of attraction that will be neutered eventually.
  11. Gazza

    New rides @ small parks

    No that's a bobsled:
  12. Gazza

    New rides @ small parks

    Australia now has an alpine coaster, at the Thredbo ski resort in the Snowy Mountains. The location is bit annoying, about 2.5h away from Canberra / 5.5h away from Sydney. (Still, I'll try and get down there in the next few months!)
  13. Gazza

    Turning Japanese - A Japanese Adventure 2024 - Park 5: Fuji Q Highland

    Yeah I got caught out by that. I thought it was just expensive, but in fact its the same amount of yen whether its 4 people or just you. Did go for ages though, and you do get chased a few times.
  14. Gazza

    Thorpe Park | Hyperia | Mack Hyper Coaster | 2024

    I just want to say though i dont doubt it is the best in the UK.... The competition it is up against is equally interesting. *** A good description I saw is that the ride is kind of like the hypercoaster version of a Premier Sky rocket.... In other words, not actually a bad ride but quite a...
  15. Gazza

    Thorpe Park | Hyperia | Mack Hyper Coaster | 2024

    Yes for sure! Xcelerator may not be the best example since the two turns it has are pretty bland, but certainly there are other coasters with big tophats with extended layouts that are much better than Stealth :)
  16. Gazza

    Six Flags Qiddiya| Saudi Arabia | Theme Park

    Don't know how I missed this? Is this basically a Red Force / Stealth type thing, but with a reverse spike and inverted tophat? Seems like an interesting choice in the lineup considering everything rise on offer.
  17. Gazza

    Universal Studios Japan: a theme park to avoid

    Like BobaFett I found it highly variable. Eg SRQ for Flying Dinosaur said 70 mins and I indeed waited 70 mins, but Space Fantasy said 60 mins and I waited 10 mins. Flying Dinosaur being shut has to sting a bit :(
  18. Gazza

    Thorpe Park | Hyperia | Mack Hyper Coaster | 2024

    I mean, Fianna Force has quite a fair amount of just random turns at the end of the layout and everyone is raving about it. *********** It's like people that say "Oblivion is just about the drop" or "Stealth is just about the launch". Yeah cool you can declare that....But there are other...
  19. Gazza

    Original name of stealth at thorpe

    I thought it was going to be called Humdinger?
  20. Gazza

    Futuroscope | Mission Bermuda | Mack Rocking Boat Ride | 2025

    If the coaster track can do a bit more I would love to see this replace water coasters