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  1. Strathven

    Playing Through the Pain: A Six Flags Fiesta Texas Trip Report

    Thanks! And I'm in a similar boat--I'm entering into my thirties next year, and haven't had the opportunity to travel much. I hope to spend my thirties catching up on what I've been missing, so I hope theme parking doesn't become too hard!
  2. Strathven

    Playing Through the Pain: A Six Flags Fiesta Texas Trip Report

    On November 20th, 2023, as I nervously courted a migraine and tried not to be too concerned about Google saying the park was closed, I made the hours-long drive to San Antonio to visit my home-away-from-home for the first time in half a decade. What followed was a day that frequently threatened...
  3. Strathven

    Your favourite coaster track

    I have to say B&M as well! The box-beam design looks great painted, and I like the triangular shadows on the really twisted sections.
  4. Strathven

    What is your mentality towards riding non-kiddie “+1” type coasters?

    I was torn a bit between Cat C and D. I'm not really interested in adding to my coaster count just for its own sake, but sometimes a coaster that seems like it'd be unexciting and more-of-the-same can turn out to be more unique than you expected, and I think that makes trying them out worth it...
  5. Strathven

    What is your attitude to revisiting parks you've been to before?

    I love revisiting parks! I couldn't imagine being "done" with one. There's something to be said about building a sense of familiarity with a place by visiting a lot, like a home away from home. It also makes changes and new additions more interesting, because they're happening in a place you...
  6. Strathven

    Rides you rode in the opening season?

    2007 Pandemonium (Six Flags Fiesta Texas) 2018 Time Traveler Wonder Woman Golden Lasso Coaster 2023 Kid Flash Cosmic Coaster (Six Flags Fiesta Texas) And possibly Iron Shark and Boardwalk Bullet--I made visits to those parks somewhere around the times those rides opened, but I don't know the...
  7. Strathven

    What is your top 10 to do list?

    1) Fury 325 2) Intimidator 305 3) Steel Vengeance 4) Skyrush 5) Nitro 6) Raging Bull 7) Velocicoaster 8) Batman: Dark Knight 9) Dominator 10) Alpengeist
  8. Strathven

    best roller coaster game (other than NoLimts2)

    I would like to write in Ultimate Ride! I used to play that sooooo much as a kid, competitive with RCT3, and I think it left more of an impression on me. As a coaster building game it's pretty limited, but it has the absolute best vibes, building coasters outside the context of theme parks and...
  9. Strathven

    Most Abundant Coaster Type or Model You've NEVER Been On?

    Hmmm...dive coasters, wing coasters (I don't count S&S Free Spins), and just Intamin coasters in general. The only Intamins I've ridden have been family-oriented rides.
  10. Strathven

    Your Least Common Opinion?

    I think it's okay for a coaster to be forceless. If a ride has a cool layout, comfortable seats, an interesting location, provides lots of eye candy, or just has good vibes, it can still be a contender for my #1. Strong Gs are always nice, but there are other ways roller coasters can be enjoyable.
  11. Strathven

    Favorite multilooper's

    Wildfire (SDC) is my #1 coaster! Lots of love also for Superman: Krypton Coaster and Poltergeist.
  12. Strathven

    Your B&M Count

    They're my fave manufacturer, but admittedly, my experience with their work is really limited: Batman: the Ride (SFOT) Great White Goliath (SFFT) Superman: Krypton Coaster Wildfire (SDC) Over half of them are Batman clones, lol.
  13. Strathven

    Favorite first drops...

    Iron Rattler, in the back row with arms up! I don't know why it hits so differently from New Texas Giant's drop, it's only a couple dozen feet taller and 2º steeper, but there's no comparison. Maybe it has to do with the way it quickly shifts over to the left as it goes down?
  14. Strathven

    Favorite element (pre-poll)

    Iron Rattler's first drop Wildfire's (SDC) Immelmann Titan's airtime hill
  15. Strathven

    Best and Worst Coaster Names?

    I think my favorite coaster name is probably "Steel Eel." It's just fun to say, it's kind of cute, and a little bit whimsical while describing a ride that is actually fairly large and intense. I also really like "Millennium Force" for the opposite reason; it sounds grand and dramatic, which...
  16. Strathven

    Your worst spite

    I was able to go to Magic Springs in 2017 while visiting family, and Arkansas Twister was down for the day. I still had an amazing time--really gave me an appreciation for smaller parks!--but it was disappointing to miss out on the biggest coaster at the park. I'm hoping to go back sometime!
  17. Strathven

    What makes a coaster good?

    This is why it's so hard for me to rank the coasters I've ridden--there are so many different things that go into making a coaster "good," and a lot of them can't be quantified. Beyond just G-forces and height and speed stats, a lot of coasters have uniquely cool moments that you don't find on...
  18. Strathven

    What makes your #1 better than your #2?

    My #1 is Wildfire (Silver Dollar City), and the next one down is Titan @ SFOT Titan is easily the more forceful of the two, the more intimidating, and the more thrilling (it's also the only hypercoaster I've ridden so far), but Wildfire just flows better. It has kind of a novel layout for a...
  19. Strathven

    Rides that don't feel safe

    Iron Shark @ Pleasure Pier--or I suppose any Eurofighter, but that's the only one I've ridden. I've been on it several times, it's a wonderful ride, and I know it's safe, but...something about a lapbar that doesn't ratchet down, and a lack of seatbelts to secure it, and a first drop that...
  20. Strathven

    Bad moments on good rides

    I don't think I'm a big fan of Iron Rattler's little clifftop bunny hills. They're definitely an improvement over the slow-as-molasses helix they replaced, and to be fair, the train loses so much speed jumping up there that there's not much else they could've done, but I still feel like it's a...