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  1. BobaFett

    Universal Studios Japan: a theme park to avoid

    I just got back from USJ and wanted to give my two cents, maybe it helps someone. I arrived at the park by about 7:50 and of course there were already masses of people there, despite the official opening time of 9:00. I got through the gates at around 8:20 and feared, not getting any early entry...
  2. BobaFett

    Universal Studios Japan: a theme park to avoid

    I'm visiting USJ in two days and on one hand I am excited but on the other hand I am also kinda scared. I know that Flying Dinosaur is closed for maintenance, but I hoped to get atleast the remaining rides in, especially using the single rider lane, considering there aren't even that many rides...
  3. BobaFett

    Turning Japanese - A Japanese Adventure 2024 - Park 2: Nagashima Spaland

    Yeah, I've seen videos of the dispatch ceremony of Eejanaika. Not really looking forward to that 😄
  4. BobaFett

    Turning Japanese - A Japanese Adventure 2024 - Park 2: Nagashima Spaland

    Loving these Trip reports so far. I'm flying to Japan myself on friday and can't wait to experience this beautiful country (and of course the theme parks, too ;)). I hope to get a just as empty Nagashima Spa Land as you. I'm still a bit "scared" of the Japanese operations in the parks.
  5. BobaFett

    Airport Cred Lists

    My visited airports so far: 🇬🇧 MAN Manchester Airport 🇬🇧 STN London Stansted Airport 🇬🇧 EDI Edinburgh Airport 🇪🇸 MAD Adolfo Suarez Madrid–Barajas Airport 🇪🇸 BCN Barcelona El Prat 🇩🇪 CGN Cologne Bonn Airport 🇩🇪 DUS Düsseldorf Airport 🇩🇪 FRA Frankfurt am Main Airport 🇫🇷 CDG Charles-de-Gaulle...
  6. BobaFett

    Your ranking of best manufacturers and your favorite coaster from each one

    Intamin: Taron (Phantasialand) RMC: Iron Gwazi (Busch Gardens Tampa) or Zadra (Energylandia) B&M: Mako (SeaWorld Orlando) Mack: Ride to Happiness (Plopsaland de Panne) Gerstlauer: Schwur des Kärnan (Hansa Park) Vekoma: F.L.Y. (Phantasialand) GCI: Wodan (Europa Park) CCI: Tornerre 2 Zeus (Parc...
  7. BobaFett

    Rank the Alton Towers coasters

    1. Wickerman - I really like GCIs, they are always fun rides. The theming and the pre show are really great, the layout itself is rather tame, compared to other GCIs, still a fun ride, imo. 2. Thirteen - I like the location in the forest, also the theming, the surprises. A fun ride, nothing too...
  8. BobaFett

    Are GoPros allowed on the coasters in Fuji-Q Highland and Nagashima Spa Land

    To those who are interested: I reached out to the parks and got an answer from Fuji-Q, saying "bringing in a GoPro is not allowed" (I guess, they mean bringing in a GoPro on a ride). I have yet to get an answer fom Nagashima Spa Land
  9. BobaFett

    Best night rides...

    I love night rides on Taron and F.L.Y. during Wintertraum. I go every year, and it still blows me away everytime. Iron Gwazi and Velocicoaster were awesome, too. To be honest, night rides enhance almost every coaster in my opinion.
  10. BobaFett

    Florida - Part 9: Sea World

    Out of all the Orlando Parks, Magic Kingdom is probably my least favourite, too. Just because of the crowds. Not that the other Disney Parks are empty, by any chance, but Magic Kingdom was on another level. And I went on a supposedly rather quiet day. But when you have to resort to apps to...
  11. BobaFett

    Are GoPros allowed on the coasters in Fuji-Q Highland and Nagashima Spa Land

    Hey everyone, I am travelling to Japan this May and I would like to record Onride POVs using a chest mounted GoPro. I know that you have to store your belongings, especially on Eejanaika, where you even have to take your shoes off, but there are plenty of Onride POVs on Youtube, so there must...
  12. BobaFett

    3 days at Phantasialand - Day ???: Somehow, forgetfulness

    Nice trip report and congrats on your new number #1. Nightrides on F.L.Y. and Taron are always something special for me. I can travel the world and visit as many parks as I want, but coming "home" to Phantasialand during Wintertraum and getting on both of these nightrides is always my highlight...
  13. BobaFett

    Your roller coaster name! Which one do you prefer?

    Insane Attack or Screaming Sisters Second one could be used for a duelling coaster but apart from that, both names aren't that great 😄
  14. BobaFett

    What is your top coaster on your bucket list?

    Probably Steel Vengeance. I have only been on 4 RMCs so far, and they are all among my favourite coasters. So riding the probably "best" RMC whould be my top bucket list coaster. And Cedar Point in general is one of the parks I want to visit the most. And, although I think it will be too intense...
  15. BobaFett

    Ain't it great? (Japan Megatrip) - December 2023

    Me too! I am really looking forward to visiting Japan and every Trip Report might be helpful for planning my own trip.
  16. BobaFett

    Shuttle from SWO to BGT

    I used it in November last year and I don't remember the exact time, but I even arrived before park opening. As others already said, easy to book, comfortable, will use this shuttle again, next time I am in Orlando.
  17. BobaFett

    WDW Magic Kingdom | Tron Lightcycle Power Run | Vekoma Motorbike Coaster | 2023

    During the Disney D23 Stream, it was just announced that it will open in Spring 2023. Bummer, as I will be visiting for the first time this November and was still hoping it would be open til then.