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  1. Fluorineer

    Cedar Point | Top Thrill 2 | Triple Launch Renovation | 2024

    Well, there are several POVs of F.L.Y. at this point, and its metal detector wasn't a last minute decision but is hardwired into the queue. And since the person responsible has a proper job that also includes telling people in advance to store their things and explaining the locker system...
  2. Fluorineer

    Cedar Point | Top Thrill 2 | Triple Launch Renovation | 2024

    I don't understand this widespread appeal to thoroughly debate solved problems. Nobody is preventing Cedar Point from implementing F.L.Y.s security system if they want to go ape on rider security. They just couldn't be arsed, and honestly, at that point I can't really blame guests when they...
  3. Fluorineer

    Cedar Point | Top Thrill 2 | Triple Launch Renovation | 2024

    I would expect to have no problems when it comes to Cedar Point, but first of all, I shouldn't need to explain my medical history to guest services, and second of all, I have encountered more than enough braindead security-NPCs in my life (sorry, I know you guys are doing an important job) who...
  4. Fluorineer

    Cedar Point | Top Thrill 2 | Triple Launch Renovation | 2024

    I want to chime in because this discussion is mostly about fees and not having your phone in the queue. With my medical conditions, not having my bag on me, which carries my water bottle and medicine container, being in a queue could put either me (via dehydration, which sometimes takes less...
  5. Fluorineer

    Accident at Gröna Lund

    In 1696, Britain introduced the doors-and-windows tax, because it turns out that correctly assessing the prosperity and wealth of a taxpayer is incredibly difficult in rural England, because nobody kept contracts and everybody shared their properties anyway. So they tried to simplify it as much...
  6. Fluorineer

    WTF Merlin?

    Not everything needs to be turned into ****ty democracy. Most people never go to Alton Towers, that doesn't mean that it should be permanently closed. Removing access to queue-times from outside the park is weasly and pathetic.
  7. Fluorineer

    Accident at Gröna Lund

    You know, guys, a wheel-assembly hit the crapper. This is like arguing over whether a driver had his seatbelt on while his car got flattened by a cement-truck. Gröna Lund's responsibility, the relevant kind that has consequences in the real word, is to be strictly legally assessed, and those...
  8. Fluorineer

    WTF Merlin?

    Hey look, they did a Phantasialand. Maybe they haven't gotten the memo where it says that you need the most spectacular theming in the world before you get to act like you actively hate your guests?
  9. Fluorineer

    Rebuild of Alpenexpress and Tiroler Wildwasserbahn Europa Park after major fire.

    I don't know, but it looks like it given that people had plenty of time to evacuate, which is the main and only purpose of sprinklers since they can't prevent property damage. The water is almost always going to severely damage the entire building, even when the fire would have turned out to be...
  10. Fluorineer

    Rebuild of Alpenexpress and Tiroler Wildwasserbahn Europa Park after major fire.

    I don't want this to come across as an accusation or anything, but I feel like this is further confirmation to my impression that proper fire-damage proofing was slmost non-existent before the 2000s. Looking at the pattern of damage now and from the 2018 fire, both times it appears like the...
  11. Fluorineer

    WTF Merlin?

    The solution to this problem is obviously to find a subcontractor to do their subcontracting in the future.
  12. Fluorineer

    Toverland's Expansion Plan

    Which you are basing on your experience of never having queued for this ride? That little bit of path on the very left with those large rocks is the narrowest path of the adjacent pathway, and that is still about 2.5 meters wide. You can compare that directly to the queue and the exit pathway...
  13. Fluorineer

    Your Number 0 Coaster.

    Booster Bike. Completely blew me away at a time when I had only ever been to Schloss Beck before, and the term "roller coaster" just meant Medium Tivoli to me.
  14. Fluorineer

    Icon Park - Drop Tower Accident 24/03/2022

    Maybe I'm just hungover which makes me sound extra-douchebaggey, but one single person has died, via a form of negligence that has been very easily identified and that we know how to prevent: don't be an asshole, operate the ride like the manual says, and for the love of God, don't make any...
  15. Fluorineer

    Cedar Point | Top Thrill 2 | Triple Launch Renovation | 2024

    Ain't a problem that Zamperla can't fix. Just go back over the top hat with the help of... POWER.
  16. Fluorineer

    Bommelwereld | Netherlands | Indoor Theme Park | 2025

    This is interesting. The concept art appears to be much more ambitious compared to how Toverland began its operations, however that makes this a much more complete experience with less need for expansion in order to sustain itself. Given that there must be some hefty captial behind this, I am...
  17. Fluorineer

    Indiana Beach I All American Triple Loop | Quimera (Dreier Looper) relocation | 2024

    I hate patriotism with a burning passion, and I still think that name slaps. I just interpret it in the most friendly way I can imagine, "so many countries had the honor of giving a home to this amazing coaster, now it's finally Americas turn". If you are proud of your country because it gets...
  18. Fluorineer

    Mindbender at Galaxyland to be retired

    An indoor coaster is built on a continuous concrete slab rather than individual footers placed in more flexible ground. Is it possible that the coaster was too rigid?
  19. Fluorineer

    Liseberg | Luna | Vekoma Family Boomerang | 2023

    My biggest critique of the Family Boomerang is that it misses the most important element of properly structuring a Boomerang, which is giving the train a little upward pull before it rolls backwards. It lets riders take a short breather, it builds anticipation for the return-trip and makes sure...
  20. Fluorineer

    Europa Park | Voltron | Mack Rides Stryker Coaster | 2024

    I think it's the amount of inversions combined with the support-style, which has a tendency to be more... pragmatic rather than elegant. The profiling of the inversions gives it away as a Mack coaster though, because they use more rounded shapes with larger radii.