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  1. BBH

    First park you’ll be going to

    I'm at school in Boston, so hopefully SFNE. If not, probably SFGAm, Indiana Beach, or Holiday World.
  2. BBH

    Do you value theming or ride hardware more in a theme park?

    Just look at my top ten for evidence that good theming can very much place a ride (and therefore a park) in a higher stratosphere than that same ride in a vacuum. Same goes for parks.
  3. BBH

    Rank your Ridden B&M Inverts

    Not a whole lot to rank here... 1. OzIris: Such a fun ride. Smooth, great variety of elements, fun theme, all around just a good experience. 2. Batman: No pun intended, bat**** crazy. So intense. I wish the layout had more variety, but this ride holds up really well. 3. Dragon Challenge...
  4. BBH

    Your longest theme park hiatus?

    Due to outside circumstances I didn't get to a park nearly at all last year (hence my disappearance from CF), so I'm well on track to go two whole years without a theme park!
  5. BBH

    Parc Asterix | Tonnerre 2 Zeus | Tonnerre de Zeus renovation | 2022

    Good thing it's getting retracked. It has a good layout but was thoroughly Just OK when I rode it in 2018.
  6. BBH

    Will we ever see another huge 4D Coaster?

    I mean, with the crazy oligarch money being funnelled into some theme parks in the East, you never know. But outside of that, I consider it highly unlikely, especially since I'm not even sure that S&S offers it anymore now that they have the FreeSpin, which is designed to be scaleable.
  7. BBH

    What is your favourite drop tower?

    I've been on very few, but it's hard for me to see anything ever beating Tower of Terror.
  8. BBH

    Is RMC Raptor a bust?

    The potential for this ride type is huge, but I honestly think that was Six Flags' thought process here. Call it a record-breaker and make it look cooler than it would if it were a wooden layout. Jersey Devil would be ****ing fantastic as a woodie, btw.
  9. BBH

    What is your top 10 to do list?

    I'll do parks since I'm a laughably ill-travelled enthusiast. In rough order of my ability to get there: USA: 1. Cedar Point 2. SFNE 3. Holiday World 4. Kings Island 5. Dollywood 6. USF/IoA (so many spites) 7. BGT 8. Carowinds 9. Lake Compounce 10. SFMM Abroad: 1. Parc Asterix (for the...
  10. BBH

    Traveler's topic: Country's favorite (park style!)

    Major updates over the past few years! US: FL - Space Mountain IL - Goliath MO - Outlaw France: Pegase Express UK: No parks visited Canada: No parks visited
  11. BBH

    Six Flags 2020 Announcements

    That Raptor looks in-****ing-sane and I'm excited that Mack PowerSplashes are coming stateside. The rest is wholly unsurprising and unremarkable, aside from the hilarious Green Lantern relocation.
  12. BBH

    Warner Bros. Movie World AU | DC Rivals HyperCoaster | Mack

    Braking systems on most modern coasters (MACKs included) are based on permanent magnets, basically like an LSM. You're thinking of LIMs, which are given a magnetic field through pulses of electricity to the metal plates (hence why LSMs can be used as brakes while LIMs cannot). For a comparison...
  13. BBH

    Your Biggest Coaster Surprise?

    I was just at the park a few days ago. The ride is so insanely incredible backwards. An actual WTF experience.
  14. BBH

    Rank the B&M Wing Coasters

    Just rode it in the front shortly after writing that. It's better, but not fantastic. It's a ride that requires a strategy to be comfortable. So it's not a comfortable ride.
  15. BBH

    Rank the B&M Wing Coasters

    X-Flight is slowly becoming awful. Awful rattle/jackhammer and the vests suffocate you on the brake run.
  16. BBH

    Rides you rode in the opening season?

    2012 - X-Flight, SFGAm 2013 - Outlaw Run, SDC 2014 - Goliath, SFGAm 2017 - The Joker, SFGAm
  17. BBH

    Underrated Family Coasters

    Whizzer is my one true love, and Space Mountain is amazing as well.
  18. BBH

    The Original and Best

    I mean, I think Outlaw run is ever so slightly, just barely, marginally better than Goliath.
  19. BBH

    California's Great America | Railblazer | RMC Raptor

    Okay my suspicions about capacity are still there but this looks so much better than Wonder Woman. The scenery and color scheme are lovely.
  20. BBH

    Cedar Point | Steel Vengeance | RMC I-Box (Mean Streak Conversion)

    Holy cheap ****. Love. Alan Schilke, you beautiful bastard. 27 seconds of airtime.........