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  1. Pokemaniac

    Cedar Point | Top Thrill 2 | Triple Launch Renovation | 2024

    I must admit that this sort of thing makes me rather curious about Falcon's Flight. Consider, for a moment, a rollercoaster as a system of components that have to work together for operation to be possible. Some components need to work flawlessly, others within tolerances, and yet others can...
  2. Pokemaniac

    US Thrill Rides Polercoaster opening near Atlanta & in Florida (now Las Vegas)

    I wonder if these guys have prepared an ambush on Disney lawyers or something, because naming your park "Mini Disni" is such a tremendously poor idea it has to be bait. If not, well, it makes sense to cut the graphics budget to the bone and set aside $300 million for the project, because that's...
  3. Pokemaniac

    Marineland of Canada (may) be closing/sold

    If the park needs development, Parques Reunidos won't touch it. They buy parks that are "readily developed" in areas with little competition, then use their local dominant position as a reason not to invest a penny further. They wouldn't buy a park they'd have to invest in to make attractive.
  4. Pokemaniac

    Six Flags Magic Mountain cooking something up for 2025?

    Yeah, some of them are stretches at best, and some weren't surpassed for a good few years and got to regin uncontested for a while. But it does have a compound effect on the park's current lineup. Many of the rides there seem outdated compared to vastly better counterparts elsewhere (or they...
  5. Pokemaniac

    Six Flags Magic Mountain cooking something up for 2025?

    Whatever it is, I hope it doesn't follow the proud ol' SFMM tradition of building coasters right before that coaster type undergoes a paradigm shift, leaving SFMM with coasters that feel obsolete or inferior to comparable alternatives even after a few years. There are just so many examples to...
  6. Pokemaniac

    Futuroscope | Mission Bermuda | Mack Rocking Boat Ride | 2024

    Traditionally, it's better to say it as soon as the possible. Full marks if you say so while the ride is only at the stage where it's rumoured/sort-of-just-speculated that the park may be adding a new coaster. However, it can only be said once per project.
  7. Pokemaniac

    Drayton Manor Resort Five Year Plan 2022 - 2026

    It appears they want to straddle the line between "family friendly" and "thrill ride", and have chosen to market it as the most thrilling family ride out there. But if you think about it for a second, they might as well have looked at it from the other perspective and said "The UK's tamest...
  8. Pokemaniac

    Tivoli Gardens | 3 new rides | 2026-2030

    It might be a translation error. I don't think there is a good Danish word for "thrill ride", but the word "rutsjebane" is short and similar enough that someone may apply the term regardless.
  9. Pokemaniac

    Lightwater Valley - Future?

    An oil drum hanging by a rope from a tree branch, and a guy to whack it with a baseball bat for a couple minutes after the riders have climbed in?
  10. Pokemaniac

    Six Flags Magic Mountain cooking something up for 2025?

    If they've went and bought one of those Maurer contraptions ...
  11. Pokemaniac

    Colossus Partial Retrack (Thorpe Park)

    Indeed, but I still can't get over the fact that there still lacks any sort of logical connection between the entrance and the center of the park. There's the Dome - great. There's the main street of sorts, that begins by Tidal Wave or thereabout - great. But why the heck is the path out of the...
  12. Pokemaniac

    Lightwater Valley - Future?

    This summer will mark 20 years since Pinfari's bankruptcy, and still there are parks putting up their coasters. Although they tend to be fourth or fifth-hand now. Still, though, one would think the parks would have a look at coasters that others have gotten rid of thrice, and think "maybe there...
  13. Pokemaniac

    Thorpe Park | Hyperia | Mack Hyper Coaster | 2024

    If this map is accurate, it really hammers home how needlessly isolated from the rest of the park Swarm is. The distance between paths on the Stealth and Swarm side of the lake is barely longer than the footprint of Flying Fish, and probably shorter than the queue lines of either ride. Would it...
  14. Pokemaniac

    SeaWorld San Antonio | Catapult Falls | Launched Flume Ride | 2024

    Seeing as today is March 3rd, I guess we can unstick an Other Ride Construction thread right on time for once, then!
  15. Pokemaniac

    Disney (WDW & Disneyland) | The Princess & The Frog | Splash Mountain retheme | 2024

    I just had a shower thought: The name "Splash Mountain" was always disconnected from the theme of this ride, and it has become a very iconic name. I think it will return some day. They're giving it a new name for now, to underscore how the ride has been refurbished, but I would not be surprised...
  16. Pokemaniac

    Colossus Partial Retrack (Thorpe Park)

    Adding to this, they need to renew the big things eventually too. What was built in the nineties as a huge headliner attraction will, over time, turn into an old clunker with ever-greater maintenance needs, while also becoming "old news" in the eyes of the public. They can't rely on an...
  17. Pokemaniac

    Fire at Liseberg's Oceana water park

    Thermal expansion in a fire can be nasty for a steel structure, even if it is left standing afterwards. At certain temperatures the steel may even undergo some chemical/structural changes on the material level, which makes it really uncertain whether it retains its intended strength. I doubt the...
  18. Pokemaniac

    Fire at Liseberg's Oceana water park

    Like @Trax, I suspect welding. Not necessarily metal welding, although it could be. But a waterpark also contains all sorts of waterproofing; plastic and fibreglass and sometimes asphalt membranes, that all need to be welded together to form continuous seals. Some of those welds are chemical...
  19. Pokemaniac

    Top 10(ish): 2024 Edition - page 124

    For data gathering purposes, December-me would be very grateful if you gave us a summary in text form too.
  20. Pokemaniac

    Top 10(ish): 2024 Edition - page 124

    A bit too late, as I did the tally earlier today, but fortunately that's of no consequence since we only count the top 10. I sometimes get a little curious how it would impact the rankings if we took the occasional top 15 or top 20s into account, but it'd be a pain and a half to work with the...