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  1. Bpolson75

    SFOT Harley Quinn is for sale!

    Harley Quinn for sale! i was looking where someone has said KK’s SLC was for sale and saw it on there!
  2. Bpolson75

    Dorney Park | Iron Menace | B&M Dive Machine | 2024

    This looks better and yet shorter than Dr Diabolical...
  3. Bpolson75

    "American Heartland" Park and Resort in Oklahoma, aiming for 2026 open

    CBS news says only 2 million a year... Which still seems high. Cbsnews Article.
  4. Bpolson75

    Original Texas Giant 1990-2009

    I dreamed of the Texas Giant ever since I first saw construction starting from the Oil Derrick… and then when we saw the article in the Dallas Morning News if what it would be my fantasies went wild. In its early years it was amazing… then it got to where I couldn’t ride it. Praise the Lord- (or...
  5. Bpolson75

    Patent by Disney for New Track System

    New Disney Track System. This article details the patent allowing a change in elevation of a Coaster from one level to another… interesting but is this even necessary? I suppose if it is done in a dark environment and it can be maybe different for every ride it would add a cool element of...
  6. Bpolson75

    Hershey Park | Wildcat's Revenge | RMC Wildcat | 2023

    Unfortunately KitKat is a Nestle product, not Hershey… I do like Twisted Twizzlers!
  7. Bpolson75

    SeaWorld Orlando | Pipeline: The Surf Coaster | B&M Surf Coaster | 2023

    It’s not a weird name if you knowing surfing in Hawaii… but as you mention that could be a possible nickname if it’s bad!
  8. Bpolson75

    Last Cred Review

    Dr Diabolical‘s Cliffhangar- SFFT 10-07-22 it was my first dive coaster which was fun, but overall I felt it was underwhelming. I had a back row seat, so I think up Front would have been a different experience. And it was over so quickly. My 10 year old son loved it though.
  9. Bpolson75

    Your B&M Count

    Batman the Ride -SFOT Georgia Scorcher -SFOG Goliath -SFOG Superman Ultímate Flight - SFOG Goliath -SFFT Superman Krypton Coaster -SFFT Batman the Ride. -SFMM Riddlers...
  10. Bpolson75

    SFOT | Aquaman: Power Wave | Mack Power Splash | 2023
  11. Bpolson75

    Do Inversions "do it" for you or is it meh?

    Going on a Coaster with an inversion is a milestone for young budding enthusiasts… my 7 year old daughter this past month got up the courage to ride the double loop Schwarzkopf Shock Wave at SFOT- it was a big deal for her and and now rides it 5-plus times every time we go. After my son first...
  12. Bpolson75

    SeaWorld San Antonio | Catapult Falls | Launched Flume Ride | 2024

    is that not short for a usually meandering ride?
  13. Bpolson75

    Will VelociCoaster push Disney to build more thrilling rides?

    I could see them adding a whole new 5th gate dedicated to thrills... with their acquisition of the Fox Library and all they definitely have more IP to aim to a more mature audience that thrill rides better cater to.
  14. Bpolson75

    Riddlers Revenge | SFMM

    We apparently have opposite coaster opinions- whereas we hated Viper and thought it was too rough, we loved Riddler’s and thought it was smooth.
  15. Bpolson75

    Viper | SFMM

    When you get off with a headache and your son is crying because his head got banged around so much, it doesn’t endear you to the coaster.