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    Gerstlauer space diver?

    Does anyone think the layout of Flashback @ 6FMM would make a good Gerstlauer Infinity coaster? I currently have my own take on a Space Diver (that features actual inversions, 7 dive drops and one Immelman) in my Planet Coaster park that is built as a Gerstlauer Infinity. If anyone wants to see...
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    Fright Flight (B&M Flying Coaster)

    I have just finished my first B&M Flying Coaster, inspired by Tatsu @ 6FMM and Flying Dinosaur @ Universal Studios Japan. Its current name is "Fright Flight" Nine inversions, 14 MPH lift hill. POV:
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    Smiler's inversions

    In contrast to what RCDB has listed, here's my take on the inversions that Alton Towers' Smiler has: Heartline Roll Corkscrew Cuban 8 Batwing Corkscrew Corkscrew Sea Serpent Cobra Roll Heartline Roll Heartline Roll Apparently no one has noticed that the back-to-back Immelmans at the...
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    GCI / Gravity Group Hybrids?

    So GCI just showed up at an ACE meetup at Fun Spot Orlando and revealed this track with no additional information. Let the speculation begin!
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    Boomerang / Shuttle Coaster with LIM lift hills

    How would you guys think if Vekoma built a Boomerang or a new Moonsault Scramble using two LIM (LSM?) lift hills instead of a catch-car cable lift and chain lift? Sure would be much less maintenance as it would have fewer moving parts. I would also see it being significantly faster, which means...
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    What coaster should Michigan's Adventure get?

    Michigan's Adventure is the smallest Cedar Fair park and its only two major steel coasters are the Corkscrew and Thunderhawk. What coaster do you think it should get? I have a B&M Invert in mind.
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    How the Maurer Skyloop works?

    As those of you who have seen or ridden the Maurer Skyloop have known, the train swings freely on the bottom of the track after the initial lift, and the chain lift also helps bring the cars back down to the station at the end of the ride. But in order for the car to freely swing, the chain...