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    Park - Deciduous Harder

    I don't have a name for the park yet. But it's a harder deciduous challenge park, and the title is the file name. It's a multi-themed park. I am growing it organically like I did with the arctic park. In RCT3 I used to plan out the areas in advance, but it meant there were a lot of empty voids...
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    Park - Midwinter Night's Dream

    Park under development. This is an arctic situated park. Despite the bitter environment, this park has grown to become very profitable over the last five years! The park has organically developed over these initially challenging years. The park has expanded and developed distinct themes that...
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    SCW55's Random Bits Thread. Band Wagon (18/1/17)

    Who am I? I like doing weird things with regarding coaster design. I also like trying to do sensible things. I like to balance these two. This is currently what I have been doing in Planetcoaster. You can visit my Steam gallery at...
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    scw55's Mini-Monsters Contest

    It is said that great things come in small packages. I believe this is awfully true with coaster designs. As designers (even casual ones), we are constantly striving to make "bigger" and "better". Sometimes we forget that size isn't everything. The theme of this contest is Dwarf Coasters...
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    Scw55's Thread. Planet Coaster Calls (18-11-17)

    Hello. I've been a reader of Coaster Force for about 10 years as I've always been a fan of Roller Coasters (in an artistic sense). But only recently (in the scheme of time) I have become active in this small community of RCT3 players. So welcome to a thread dedicated to me sharing my wares. My...
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    Project - Spectrum

    Hello. I am new to the Rollercoaster Tycoon 3 community here on Coaster Force however I have been visiting the site for many years now. I've been enjoying the Rollercoaster Tycoon games for many years and I'm thrilled that finally there are resources for me to share the stuff I make with...