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  1. cjbrandy

    Coasters you want to get remastered

    Oh yeah I forgot about Taron! Ok maybe not "second best" but it'd be very good.
  2. cjbrandy

    Why do the Chinese knock off manufacturers only copy Vekoma?

    Why do they almost exclusively copy Vekoma and their old track style? How come they haven't tried making a B&M or Intamin knock off? Looking at it from these company's point of view I'd think it would be a good idea to try knocking off B&M because even if its not as good as a real B&M, it'd...
  3. cjbrandy

    Coasters you want to get remastered

    Remasters is something thats associated with the video game industry but recently its moved to the coaster industry too with the Incredible Hulk getting a full remaster with new track, trains and effects to give a better, smoother ride. There are so many coasters that could use improvements here...
  4. cjbrandy

    The TV we watch...

    The Grand Tour episode 2 is either going to be an absolute hit or miss to you, it was 100% comedy all the way as they formed the world's worst special forces team in the Middle East in a sort of parody of Edge of Tomorrow as they had to fight through terrorists and save the Queen but if one of...
  5. cjbrandy

    The TV we watch...

    Has anyone watched The Grand Tour? The boys are back in town, all the chemistry and camaraderie are back and it was a great episode to get the ball rolling. There was no adventure as such or wacky challenges in this first episode, it more or less focused on comparing 3 £1m+ hyper cars on a...
  6. cjbrandy

    7 dead and 50 injured as tram derails in Croydon

    This is 2016, it shouldn't have been able to happen. I can't believe with todays technology theres no failsafe system to prevent this, the trams should have sensors that automatically slow it down when approaching a corner if the human driver doesn't make any inputs.
  7. cjbrandy

    What's 9+10?

    You stupid? Whats 9+10? Its 21
  8. cjbrandy

    Would you rather thread

    I'll start with a Would You Rather question and people keep it going by answering and adding new questions. I've got a tough one to get started. Would you rather: 1. Be fully blind and unable to see the beauty of the world yet have a perfectly fit and healthy body. 2. Have perfect eyesight but...
  9. cjbrandy

    Accident At Dreamworld Australia!

    Re: ACCIDENT At Dreamworld Australia! Bloody hell, I couldn't believe what I was reading. 4 lives cut tragically cut short, definitely one of the worst amusement park accidents ever. RIP. And the assholes at the Mirror will genuinely be happy about this and it will have made their day as they...
  10. cjbrandy

    Accident at Alton Towers

    Sorry for resurrecting this dead topic. Found this hilarious gem, sorry, offensive and insensitive story (credit to UK theme park chat on Facebook). ... gn=twitter
  11. cjbrandy

    Olympia-Looping at London's German Christmas Market

    I guess I'm pleased to be saving a lot of cash if its not coming but I'd prefer to spend it on riding it tbh. Typical **** UK though, it feels like our amusement park industry is condemned to permanent mediocrity at times but hopefully BPB 2K18 will change that.
  12. cjbrandy

    Blackpool Pleasure Beach | Icon | Mack Multi-Launch

    This coaster is going to be an educational service to the British public. The people saying "why isnt dis taller den da Big one it looks borin" need to be taught a lesson, all they know is Merlin's "world firsts". They will get a taste of international quality which will demonstrate how the ride...
  13. cjbrandy

    Blackpool Pleasure Beach | Icon | Mack Multi-Launch

    This a bit worrying, I hope Samsung Gear steers well clear!
  14. cjbrandy

    Blackpool Pleasure Beach | Icon | Mack Multi-Launch

    I love it, and I think this could even turn some members of the gp into enthusiasts since it'll be so smooth and comfortable its a great entry level coaster for people who've only rode kids ones. The only bad thing is the colour. For the love of god please paint the supports black to look more...
  15. cjbrandy

    Blackpool Pleasure Beach | Icon | Mack Multi-Launch

    I actually think its better when parks are transparent and come straight out with their plans. A little bit of teasing is ok but its probably better to announce an attraction a good while before it opens to give time for the hype to build up.
  16. cjbrandy

    Accident at Alton Towers

    What is wrong with you?
  17. cjbrandy

    Pleasure Island, Cleethorpes to Close

    I'm going to add a number 5 to Ian's 4 ideas to stop the 'rot'. Save up for a good IP! Paultons Park has been incredibly successful lately because of Peppa Pig World and Thomas Land does pretty well at Drayton.
  18. cjbrandy

    Cedar Point | Steel Vengeance | RMC I-Box (Mean Streak Conversion)

    Re: Mean Streak Removal - What's Next? That crane may be a photoshop hoax but Mean Streak is obviously going to be RMCd, it just is. I know that jumping out with overly confident statements is usually silly but I can't see them going to the trouble of removing it to slap a generic B&M in its place.
  19. cjbrandy

    The Games we play...

    Save up and sell the 360 and some of your games to help build up the money. The Xbox One is backwards compatible with quite a few 360 games including Red Dead Redemption so if any of your favourite 360 games are compatible, keep them! The original Xbox One (not the new slim version) will be...
  20. cjbrandy

    How is your tolerance of roughness?

    How rough does a coaster have to be for you to consider it a 'bad' ride? For me it has to be really f*cking rough, I loved Space Mountain and I enjoy Saw, Grand National and Colossus which are also known for being pretty rough. I view all the coasters I ride with optimism, I actually found...