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  1. Amanolive

    Most anticipated coaster opening this year?

    For me, it has to be Cheetah Hunt. But, Raptor at Gardaland looks pretty wicked and Dare Devil Dive is going to be awesome. I'm also really anticipating New Texas Giant. Edit - Why not have a poll? :wink: - ECG
  2. Amanolive

    Longest line/wait?

    I waited about an hour and a half for El Toro -- totally worth it since it's now my favorite coaster. Most ridiculous wait, though, was for the The Dark Knight at the same park. I thought it was supposed to be good but I waited a good hour for that and that ride was sh_t.
  3. Amanolive

    What and where will you build a new coaster?

    I'd definitely put an extreme coaster somewhere in Hershey, like an Intamin or B&M Hyper lining the back of the park.
  4. Amanolive

    Rank the B&M Hyper coasters

    Simply just rank the B&M Mega Coasters in the order you prefer. The ten coasters are: Apollo's Chariot, Behemoth, Diamondback, Goliath (SFOG), Goliath (La Ronde), Hollywood Dream: The Ride, Intimidator, Nitro, Raging Bull, and Silver Star. I've only been on two (Apollo's Chariot and Nitro)...
  5. Amanolive

    Griffon v. SheiKra

    This has most likely been asked a hundred and one times, but I was wondering, which of the two diving coasters in the states to you enjoy more? SheiKra, located at Busch Gardens Africa in Tampa Bay, or it's sister Griffon, located at Busch Gardens Europe. I haven't been on either yet, but of the...
  6. Amanolive

    Whats the Tallest You've Gone?

    Kingda Ka - 456 Ft.
  7. Amanolive

    Your favorite moment of airtime?

    El Toro, for the whole thing.
  8. Amanolive

    Most Painful Rollercoasters & Flat rides

    Thunderhawk is pretty intense. I think my ear almost fell off after smashing into my sister so many times.
  9. Amanolive

    What is your top 10 to do list?

    01) T-Express 02) Millenium Force 03) Intimidator 305 04) Griffon/Sheikra 05) Bizarro (SFNE) 06) Maverick 07) Diamondback 08) X2 09) Voyage 10) Hollywood Rip, Ride, Rockit
  10. Amanolive

    Favourite B&M Invert?

    Talon. It left me with a great feeling.
  11. Amanolive

    Whats The Fastest You've Gone?

    Kingda Ka - 128 Mph
  12. Amanolive

    Should Bollinger and Mabillard go in a new direction?

    I agree with the OP to some extent: I haven't been on all of them, but the ones I have ridden (Apollo's Chariot, Nitro, etc.), they do feel somewhat the same. Each has those gaping turns and are extremely smooth. They do need to change it up a bit (Maybe go for more intense and packed turns). I...