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  1. Imagineer Josh

    Top 10(ish): 2024 Edition - page 124

    Over the course of quarantine, I found it to be a good time to revise my rankings so I now have all 206 coaters I've ridden ranked. My top 10 goes as follows 10. Millennium Force- I just had loads of fun on this my last visit. Amazing first drop, whippy banked turns, solid airtime, unparalleled...
  2. Imagineer Josh

    Milestones in Your Counts

    This woodie was AMAZING! The lap bar only goes down so far to the point where I was standing up on every hill in both the front of the back. The ejector was truly damn insane. And best of all, no matter where or when you ride; front, middle, back, rain, shine, day, night, you get the hype and...
  3. Imagineer Josh

    Lost Island Theme Park | Iowa | 2022 (Kanonen relocation)

    Wait... roller coasters plural??
  4. Imagineer Josh

    Rank the RMCs

    No, the operations when I went were terrible so I only rode it twice. Yet another good reason why it should be re-ridden
  5. Imagineer Josh

    Rank the RMCs

    It's an incredible coaster but I do think it is a little bit overrated. The first two airtime hills were awesome and the final wave turn/fourth inversion combo was great otherwise it was just a huge mix of good not great elements. It feels pretty repetitive with that. Still loads of fun...
  6. Imagineer Josh

    Rank the RMCs

    Picked up one over the weekend 1. Lightning Rod 2. Storm Chaser 3. Outlaw Run - absolute perfection. From the lift hill to the barrel rolls, every element delivers absurd ejector air and is paced flawlessly. The first drop is the best on any woodie I've ridden, the airtime hills were on...
  7. Imagineer Josh

    Guiyang and Anshun: Part 2 - Probably Not Worth Clicking

    That dive coaster track looks creepily similar to B&M. If someone showed me a photo of a small snippet of the track without any prior knowledge of the knockoff, I would've guessed it's from Griffon.
  8. Imagineer Josh

    Top 10(ish): 2024 Edition - page 124

    I made my first top 10 list in 2015 and the only coaster still in my top 10 from then is Goliath at Great America. I don't really rank anymore so I can't say for sure, but if it says anything, at the end of 2015 I was at 54 creds, and now I'm at 179. So it makes sense.
  9. Imagineer Josh

    Rank the Gravity Group coasters

    Does anyone agree with me that it's the best all wood manufacturer? (All wood meaning just wood and no steel coasters)
  10. Imagineer Josh

    Rank the Gravity Group coasters

    Voyage - Nearly flawless coaster for me, I haven't ridden it in almost two years but for a while it held the #1 position. I mean, really; does it do anything wrong aside from maybe the occasional roughness? Mine Blower - This thing absolutely blew me away. It's no rougher than Voyage, has badass...
  11. Imagineer Josh

    What is your favourite Vekoma SLC?

    T3 is gash and that's the only one I've ridden, I assume all the others are just as bad. I'll be hitting Michigan and Elitch this summer so I'll be picking up two more.
  12. Imagineer Josh

    Your B&M Count

    Haven't updated since June 2018 so I have coasters from both 2018 and 2019 to add. In chronological order... X-Flight, Six Flags Great America. August 2013. Batman The Ride, Six Flags Great America. August 2013. Superman - Ultimate Flight, Six Flags Great America. June 2014. Batman The Ride...
  13. Imagineer Josh

    Last Cred Review

    Cool thread I hadn't noticed before. #179 - Scream'n Eagle at Fun Spot America Atlanta It looks sketchy from the road and at the park, but this one really did kinda suck. There were some decent drops and pops of airtime, but once you get to the end all the laterals and **** are terrible.
  14. Imagineer Josh

    Rides that would be better without an element?

    I assume you don't like Smiler then?
  15. Imagineer Josh

    Volcano removal and possible replacement?

    Alpengeist is too close to Kings Dominion I'd imagine for an Invert. I still think they'll be getting something from B&M like a Wingrider
  16. Imagineer Josh

    Volcano removal and possible replacement?

    I never even got out to the park :( but I'm hoping we might see that Wing Coaster that was originally rumored
  17. Imagineer Josh

    Rank your Ridden B&M Inverts

    Excluding Batman clones because I've ridden 4 and they all differ in quality... 1. Nemesis - the perfect Invert. Incredible theming, intensity, ridiculous Gs, absolutely no breathing room, and surprisingly re-rideable thanks to a near lack of lines all day. 2. Raptor - back row at Coastermania...
  18. Imagineer Josh

    Hyperion vs Lech Coaster

    Haven't ridden either, but Hyperion looks more interesting to me / is higher on my bucket list.
  19. Imagineer Josh

    Rides you rode in the opening season?

    I don't know if I've ever had an original post, but... 2010 Little Dipper 2012 X-Flight 2014 Goliath (yes, my home park is SFGAm) 2016 Valravn 2017 Joker (SFGAm) 2018 Steel Vengeance (Wicker Man was closed all day because Alton's operations are ****e) So one per year is how it's gone for...
  20. Imagineer Josh

    Top 10(ish): 2024 Edition - page 124

    I understand people if they say that, but WOW some of those coasters are pretty low