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  1. FaceYourNemesis

    Roller Coaster Tycoon 4 discussion

    It looks vile tbh, and still no major additions from what I can see. Was rather hoping they'd do away with the grid system in this release. Curved paths??
  2. FaceYourNemesis

    What is the best flat ride of all time?

    I love drop towers, although wouldn't class them as flat rides. Apocalypse at Drayton Manor is the best example I've ridden. Topspins are amazing too, but it's really down to the cycle.
  3. FaceYourNemesis

    Which is the correct way to eat Pringles?

    The best way is to put them in the bin and buy kettle chips. Next!
  4. FaceYourNemesis

    Best head/foot choppers

    The first inversion on Raptor (Gardaland) The entrance to the ampersand on Shambhala. Oblivion's hole (if you're sitting on the far ends)
  5. FaceYourNemesis

    Longest queue line?

    Well I haven't visited many parks, but Oblivion's queue line tends to go on forever. Just round and round, up a hill.
  6. FaceYourNemesis

    What are July 2014 week day queue times like at Alton?

    Absolutely horrific! This is peak season tbh. I went a few years ago and got on about 3 rides in seven hours. I warn you now.
  7. FaceYourNemesis

    Best and Worst Airports

    Best: East Midlands - cosy and easy to navigate Reus Birmingham International Airport JFK Charles de Gaulle Worst: Heathrow (Terminal 5) Schipol - it goes on and on and on
  8. FaceYourNemesis

    Short Lived

    Shambhala for me! There was lots of hype around Shambhala when it first opened, and as much as I love the coaster, it's honestly not a patch on the likes of Nemesis...or even Dragon Khan.
  9. FaceYourNemesis


    Some rides on Sonic Spinball have me in giggles, but most of the time I sit there trying not to think about how much I want to hurl!
  10. FaceYourNemesis

    Top 5 most ridden coasters?

    Well I haven't been keeping track of these things recently, and TBH it's not the least bit bloody interesting anyway. Some stats from the last few years: Shockwave 119 Oblivion 106 Nemesis 104 Rita 51 Th13teen 25
  11. FaceYourNemesis

    Loudest Coasters?

    Nemesis has a surreal roar which can be heard right across the Valley sometimes. It's eerie! Dragon Khan is up there as well, although quite interesting that Shambhala is almost silent in comparison.
  12. FaceYourNemesis

    Drayton Manor 2014

    Yet they have enough cash to build a brand new hotel and expand Thomasland... Oh well good luck to them. At least they've identified their target market and are catering for the people pretty well.
  13. FaceYourNemesis

    New look Jubilee Odyssey train

    Are Vekoma pushing out new trains for all SLCs? Let's hope the reign of pain is over.
  14. FaceYourNemesis

    Coasters you want to ride the most

    Blue Fire iSpeed Colossos OzIris Helix Maverick Millennium Force Leviathan
  15. FaceYourNemesis

    New clothes

    This is something which bugs me. Personally, I have to wash any new items before I don them for the first time :P
  16. FaceYourNemesis


    I try to actually, yeah. I can't stand these idiots who complain about non-existent issues. Good service should never go unnoticed!
  17. FaceYourNemesis

    Coasters with moments of utter insanity

    Baco's inline twist The Zero g roll on Dragon Khan Shambhala's ampersand
  18. FaceYourNemesis

    Worst Moves Ever Made by Theme Parks and their Owners

    Tussauds installing Rita, when the future was looking uncertain for Alton Towers (or so I'm told).
  19. FaceYourNemesis

    UK greyouts

    Yep, same for me the first few times I rode it back in 2010. Your body must get used to the force after a while.
  20. FaceYourNemesis

    Alton Towers announces "The Enchanted Village"

    This looks pretty fantastic, but knowing Alton/Merlin, the experience will no doubt be grossly overpriced.