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    Emerald Park News/Discussion

    Planning in Ireland is a absolute nightmare. So permission needs to be had for pretty much anything.
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    Orlando, Atlantic City, Vegas, etc. Skyscrapers | ThrillCorp

    London Resorts (Paramount Theme Park) is a prime example of this,
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    Thorpe Park retheming X to The Walking Dead

    I think TPW actually have it right on this one, dont disagree with him at all.
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    Thorpe Park retheming X to The Walking Dead

    Have they said how much it has cost yet? From the very few pictures it looks quite basic theming. They could easily just give it a bit of paint, grudge up the walls and it would count as a new ride.
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    Thorpe Park retheming X to The Walking Dead

    Why is everyone saying it has good theming?
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    Blackpool Pleasure Beach | Icon | Mack Multi-Launch

    Will there be any theming on this? or are they just going with a colour scheme?
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    SeaWorld Orlando | Infinity Falls | River Rapids

    100% a Intermin, Seaworld confirmed it. Pretty sure it was on twitter, But cant seem to find the tweet. I will keep digging.
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    Fear at Avon Valley review (2015)

    This looks amazing, well have to check it out.
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    Whirligig Woods - Family Amusement Park and Treehouse Resort

    Anyone else think hes a bit deluded?
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    Scarefest/Fightnights/Howl"o"ween/ UK Scare Season

    I have a feeling it wont be a mirror maze as we know it. Im pretty sure The Haunting of Molly Crowe will be in the towers and they just used the Swiss cottage for the promo.
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    Alton Towers announces "The Enchanted Village"

    But they should sleep more so dividing the cost between a group etc. Wish they would drop there price of a room.
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    Alton Towers announces "The Enchanted Village"

    I really hope they target these as a cheaper accommodation. They really need to start doing more things in the evening to keep people entertained.
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    Six Flags Great America | Goliath | RMC Woodie

    This whole coaster looks awful. im sure it will be a good ride though.
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    Orlando| I-Drive 360 | Merlin Entertainment Complex

    Agree with lofty, this will be huge, a good move by merlin. I give it a year before dungeons and Shrek are there.
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    Efteling | Baron 1898 | B&M Dive Coaster

    Re: Efteling to get B&M Dive Coaster for 2015! This seems to sum up whats going on, "Efteling's new boss, Fons Jurgens, had news to announce on his first official day on the job- 36 million euros in investments aimed at boosting annual attendance to five million guests by 2020. 18 million of...