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    Six Flags Qiddiya| Saudi Arabia | Theme Park

    Second this. Enthusiasts who love MF, are probably in for the ride of their lives aboard FF. Enthusiasts who find MF to be a boring, forceless, meandering mine train on steroids will probably not be terribly enthralled with FF.
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    Cedar Point | Top Thrill 2 | Triple Launch Renovation | 2024

    Yeah, a much more complete ride experience of moving at speed for ~55 seconds vs. the old 16 second mega-blast. I completely understand the nostalgia for that old face-melting hydraulic launch, but I'm utterly incapable of wrapping my mind around the logic of why removing the ride entirely...
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    What made you fall in love with coasters?

    1989. I was 13. First trip to CP. Mind = spectacularly thoroughly irrevocably hopelessly eternally blown. My first ride on Magnum was a watershed life event for me, like losing my virginity, or the day my wife said yes to me, or the births of my children, etc.
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    Cedar Point | Top Thrill 2 | Triple Launch Renovation | 2024

    ^ I've had that exact same thought. An absolutely gigantic record breaking vertical loop would've been really cool, and a great way to make it even more of a complete ride, but it probably wouldn't have come cheaply. Oh well, the revamped ride we are getting will still be loads of fun, and...
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    Indiana Beach I All American Triple Loop | Quimera (Dreier Looper) relocation | 2024

    ^ needs more slow pans of the logo at the beginning.
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    Cedar Point | Top Thrill 2 | Triple Launch Renovation | 2024

    I love that last shot above! Magnum, the world's first hyper, has all the prominence of a wild mouse. CP skyline is nutso.
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    Indiana Beach I All American Triple Loop | Quimera (Dreier Looper) relocation | 2024

    What, no love for Revolution? Anyway, a trip to IB also gets you Tig'rr, one of the few remaining original Jet Star models left in the world. And if you're in northern Indiana, you're also not too far away from SFGAm and Whizzer, one of the last speedracers left.
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    Loch Ness Monster @ BGW to undergo major refurbishment in 2024

    It's very cool to see BG investing in this aged, legendary coaster. Out of all the arrow multi loopers still around, this one ranks very highly as one of the few that truly deserves to be preserved for posterity. And it's just so damn pretty too.
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    Six Flags / Cedar Fair Merger Announced

    Kinda makes me think that if the new Vekoma installations going in at SFGAdv and KI next year are well-received by both the GP and park management, Vekoma could potentially get on an INSANE roll with a re-newed relationship with a 26 park mega-chain, and a continental market relatively...
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    Six Flags / Cedar Fair Merger Announced

    True. Given its large population and massive tourism industry , I've always thought Miami would be a good spot, but given how it's so constricted between the Atlantic and the Everglades, making it one of the most land constrained major metro areas in the nation, perhaps land is now just too...
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    Six Flags / Cedar Fair Merger Announced

    Just some quick bits of how this combined company will dominate the rollercoaster landscape of North America. As of today, the combined 26 theme parks contain: 72.9% of all operating Arrow coasters in NA 72.7% of all operating B&M coasters in NA 66.6% of all operating RMC coasters in NA 59.1%...
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    Six Flags / Cedar Fair Merger Announced

    As I mentioned earlier, the only places that have true market overlap with this merger are LA and the Bay area, and also potentially some of the Bos-Wash parks like SFGAdv/Dorney and KD/SFA. Everything else in the Midwest/Rustbelt/South/Texas/Canada/Mexico is already pretty well separated into...
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    Six Flags / Cedar Fair Merger Announced

    Wow! Certainly an earth moving event for the industry if it actually goes through this time. It'll be interesting to see if there are any anti-competition issues where markets overlap. SFMM and Knott's are only 50 miles from each other in the massive LA metro, ditto CGA and SFDK up in the not...
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    Six Flags Great America | Sky Striker | Zamperla Giga Discovery | 2024

    A totally solid addition for my home park. I love the name too. No stupid superhero nonsense!!! and it's a fun nod back to the GI Joe days of my childhood (though I don't think there's any actual branding tie-in going on here). The only thing that has my head a little tilty is the fact that SF...
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    Cedar Point | Top Thrill 2 | Triple Launch Renovation | 2024

    An excellent point! A "re-rollback", if you will. One of 2024's most elusively rare creds.
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    Cedar Point | Top Thrill 2 | Triple Launch Renovation | 2024

    So many pro's, one meh, and one big matzah ball of a con (that we all knew anyway): Pros: - first and foremost, a light years better outcome than sending the whole damn thing to the scrap heap - LSM launch should prove FAR more reliable than the old incredibly temperamental hydraulic launch...
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    Accident at Gröna Lund

    What terrible news. RIP to the rider who lost their life. What are the odds that jet line ever reopens after this incident? 1 outta 3? 1 outta 10? 1 in a million?
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    Japan's Many Expo's And Their Coasters

    Awesome and informative post! What a capacity monster the original 5-track Daidarasaurus must been. That pic with the 5 long trains all going up the lift together is an amazing sight.
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    do we NEED to count credits?

    Correct. Opinions are entirely subjective and therefore cannot really be valid or invalid. However, opinions are not always of equal weight. For instance, if I was curious to learn about who were the top 5 most important/consequential rulers of the Roman Empire, I'm certainly going to put a lot...
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    Oldest amusement ride you've been on?

    Without looking up dates for (let alone remembering) every carousel I've ever ridden, that's probably the oldest ride for me (or close enough to it). The oldest coaster I've ever ridden is more definitively Kennywood's Jack Rabbit from 1920.