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    Walt Disney Studios Park further developments

    Adventure World is the first name I would call my Planet Coaster park if I have no interest in taking time to come up with an original name and just want to go full Sandbox. With this name the park can just go any direction. The park can have a bright future, but Disney should watch out the park...
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    Walt Disney Studios Park further developments

    Looks good. Definitely curious to the future of this park. I remember when I visited (more than 15 years ago already) one of these studios was used to explain how oldschool hand-drawn animated movies were made, something that really suits as being a 'studio' that at the same time was also...
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    Busch Gardens Tampa | Phoenix Rising | B&M Family Invert | 2024

    Would this be the first coaster with a double-down on a first drop?
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    OCT Dinosaur Dream Works| China | Huangshi

    With the new trackstyle and 4-across trains it actually is a very good looking coaster. If it runs smooth this ride could be a good options for other midsized or larger parks.
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    Lightwater Valley - Future?

    In the headlines: "The Ultimate finally received its big replacement!" With all seriousness: what has been the reason for these changes in the park? The park has a new owner, right?
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    Emerald Park News/Discussion

    That first overbank element looks like it's pretty insane.
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    Drayton Manor | Unknown | Intamin Unknown | 2024

    My comment maybe sounded a little harsh, so apologies for that. I absolutely have trust in the project to look great and I hope for the park and all enthusiasts it is going to be a great success! I just meant to say that me reading about a park using the same theme as used many times again is...
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    Drayton Manor | Unknown | Intamin Unknown | 2024

    I just support a little more creativity and uniqueness. I don't directly cancel parks for it.
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    Drayton Manor | Unknown | Intamin Unknown | 2024

    I can't stand them anymore. Just do something original...
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    Rides that required a second ride or series of rerides for you to fully appreciate them

    After multiple re-rides on Condor at Walibi Holland I really started to fully appreciate every other coaster.
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    What ride do you have the most intangible love for?

    Yes, can't wait for the day the canon at the launch (which is an awesome set piece) is becoming part of the Jules Verne story again. Even though it's been 15 years ago I rode it, so I don't remember the ride experience that well anymore, I like it's original theming a lot.
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    Universal's Epic Universe | Orlando USA | Theme Park

    You're right, thanks for mentioning that!
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    Universal's Epic Universe | Orlando USA | Theme Park

    To be honest, I am not really sure about this. I expected the experience to work more as an optical illusion, but after seeing the animation the car doesn't really seem to co-operate with the fake track - for example when the track is damaged or when it needs to make the jump horizontally to...
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    Mattel Adventure Park | Glendale Arizona | Theme Park | 2025

    And to be honest, I like it 😄. Also, the layout looks to be less straight forward than I expected when I saw the stats.
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    Small News From The Theme Park Industry

    Everybody on this forum from Belgium or the Netherlands knows that Plopsaland is themed towards a television studio creating televisions shows for small children. I think this "mature" makeover to the chain is a very tricky step, and I don't believe it's a wise one. But for them I hope to be...
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    Bellewaerde Park | Mundo Amazonia | Intamin Rapids & More | 2024

    Maybe an unpopular opinion; but to me it looks too much like a waterslide for a swimming pool to make it feel like a new headline attraction.
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    What is your favourite atypical coaster seating position/design?

    1. Flying Coaster: only rode 1 coaster but it might arguably be one the the best of its kind in terms of seating position: F.L.Y. The sense of flying was really there and the coaster was amazing. 2. Invert/suspended Coaster: I rode two ****ty SLC's but fortunately also one B&M Invert that was...
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    Efteling | Spookslot Replacement | Intamin Dynamic Motion Stage | 2024

    Yeah I know, but to me personally the shape still doesn't really fit with the style of the theme. But like I said, I'll re-shape my opinion again when it's done.
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    Efteling | Spookslot Replacement | Intamin Dynamic Motion Stage | 2024

    Can't say I am a huge fan of the dome shape, doesn't really fit the castle style in my opinion. But maybe I will be positively surprised when building is finished.
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    Best ride soundtrack

    I want to say the music piece for Spookslot at Efteling, Danse Macabre. But it's a classical music piece that isn't composed for the ride so not sure if this counts.