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  1. ThomVD

    Top 10(ish): 2024 Edition - page 124

    Some new additions after my trip to Poland last week. Helix (Liseberg) Untamed (Walibi Holland) Ride to Happiness (Plopsaland de Panne) Zadra (Energylandia) Kondaa (Walibi Belgium) Taron (Phantasialand) Wildfire (Kolmården) Nemesis (Alton Towers) Piraten (Djurs Sommerland) Expedition GeForce...
  2. ThomVD

    Silver Star vs Expedition GeForce

    I really love Silver Star, and I think B&M hyper floater airtime is magical. But I definitely think EGF is better overall. As far as airtime machines go, this is pretty much as good as it gets. Incredible first drop, lots of airtime hills (both big and small) with very strong ejector. Honestly...
  3. ThomVD

    What is your "home park" abroad?

    Phantasialand for me as well. It's a 2 hour drive away from me and I've been there more times than I can count. Aside from Efteling, it's by far my most visited park (prob been there as much as Walibi Holland and Toverland combined) and I've gone there with many different people.
  4. ThomVD

    Flee to Walibi

    Oh hahah, that is some crazy coincidence. It was good chatting with you! And yeah that survey 2 mins before the gates opened stressed the hell out of me lol. Anyway, glad you had a good day and fully agreed on Kondaa. Warmed up in the back seat it's absolutely incredible. Hard to beat the...
  5. ThomVD

    Kings of the Sense of Speed?

    Vogel Rok at Efteling feels way faster than it actually is, because of the wind effect and it being dark and relatively forceful. I'm always shocked with how they made such a dull and slow layout feel so exciting.
  6. ThomVD

    What coaster has the strongest airtime, in terms of the actual level of force?

    I think restraints/trains/seating, as well as how sustained it is, make quite a difference. There's not a single restraint that works as well with floater airtime as the B&M clamshells and given how sustained the airtime on Silver Star is, it's a lot more noticable. Blue Fire's entering/exiting...
  7. ThomVD

    How would you rank these three European woodies?

    Yeah that's definitely a thing with GCIs. For example, I don't seem to think of Heidi and Thunderbird (in Finland) quite as highly as other people seem to, makes me wonder if I just caught them on a bad visit. I live quite close to Joris, Troy and Wodan though and have ridden them during many...
  8. ThomVD

    Rank the Mack Launch coasters

    Helix Ride to Happiness Blue Fire Pulsar I need to get my ass back to Movie Park and BPB to ride Star Trek and Icon.
  9. ThomVD

    Rank the Europa Park coasters

    1. Silver Star: the biggest problem with it is how inconsistent it is- feels like it runs differently every visit. But when it runs well, it's a glorious airtime filled hyper. 2. Wodan: fast, ferocious and fun from start to finish. A bit on the short side but makes up for it with its brutal...
  10. ThomVD

    What park's best ride isn't a coaster?

    Oh damn, I forgot about Valhalla. That is by far the best ride in BPB indeed.
  11. ThomVD

    How would you rank these three European woodies?

    Joris en de Draak - the most airtime out of the three, racing aspect is a lot of fun and it's just a lot snappier. It's also the most reridable coaster ever to me. Troy - it's relentless, fast, long and a lot of fun, though it does have a few drawn-out parts that kill the excitement a bit. Wodan...
  12. ThomVD

    Matt N’s Europa Park Initiation 26th-30th April 2022

    Reading your trip report brings me back to my first visit to Europa Park and how excited I was. I'm glad you enjoyed it! I was there on the same days with Tilen and CookieCoasters so we may have been the enthusiasts you heard talk in the Silver Star queue. I think Silver Star actually wasn't...
  13. ThomVD

    What is your favourite drop tower?

    Surprised that barely anyone mentioned Fritt Fall at Gröna Lund. I think it succeeds in every department that matters. It has an amazing view over the whole park, the sea and Stockholm, a very forceful drop and a fun tilting seat to spice things up. I love Mystery Castle too for its oppressive...
  14. ThomVD

    What is your favourite traditional (non-RMC or Intamin prefab) wooden coaster?

    Joris en de Draak still for me. I've ridden it countless of times and it's just always such great fun. Fast paced, full of airtime and at night it's just a complete beast. I think in a lot of cases I seem to prefer the smaller snappier coasters over the bigger more drawn out ones.
  15. ThomVD

    Favourite coaster inversions?

    Ride to Happiness' flying snake dive is probably my fave inversion currently, it's so wonderfully disorienting and fun, and there are so many variations of how the train can go through it depending on how you spin. Sometimes I get great hangtime, sometimes airtime and sometimes it just snaps me...
  16. ThomVD

    What park's best ride isn't a coaster?

    Let's see... Gröna Lund - Fritt Fall Efteling - Droomvlucht or Fata Morgana Tivoli Gardens - Vertigo (rip) Linnanmäki - Kieppi or the funhouse (haven't done Taiga) Hellendoorn - Shooting dark ride Tivoli Friheden - Pegasus Fraispertuis - drop tower Movie Park Germany - the rapids (haven't done...
  17. ThomVD

    Top 10 Theme/Amusement Parks

    I decided to have some fun and rank every noteworthy park I've been to. Gröna Lund Phantasialand Efteling Liseberg Tivoli Gardens Tripsdrill Alton Towers Europa Park PortAventura Fårup Sommerland Chessington Toverland Hansa Park Power Park Walibi Holland Heide Park Walibi Belgium Linnanmaki...
  18. ThomVD

    Top 10(ish): 2024 Edition - page 124

    Haven't posted in a while, but I just came back from a trip to Belgium and Germany and I have a couple of new additions to my top 50. Helix (Liseberg) Untamed (Walibi Holland) Ride to Happiness (Plopsaland de Panne) Kondaa (Walibi Belgium) Taron (Phantasialand) Wildfire (Kolmården) Piraten...
  19. ThomVD

    Coaster Tournament '19 Matches 121-124

    1: Steel Vengeance, Cedar Point 5: Storm Chaser, Kentucky Kingdom 2: Taron, Phantasialand 11: Voyage, Holiday World
  20. ThomVD

    Top 10(ish): 2024 Edition - page 124

    1. Helix (Liseberg) 2. Untamed (Walibi Holland) 3. Taron (Phantasialand) 4. Wildfire (Kolmården) 5. Piraten (Djurs Sommerland) 6. Nemesis (Alton Towers) 7. Expedition GeForce (Holiday Park) 8. Shambhala (PortAventura) 9. Silver Star (Europa Park) 10. Black Mamba (Phantasialand) I had the...