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  1. Kebab

    Tayto Park | Cú Chulainn Coaster | Gravity Group

    The pacing looks phenomenal on this, genuinely can't wait to try this out. Seems a lot larger than I imagined too. Could be a Megafobia beater!
  2. Kebab

    Coasters you can't believe people love

    I rode Vortex back in 2009 and I echo what Gavin said, around then it rode fantastically. It also looked beautiful for an SLC and was rather forceful (bonus points for the helix at the end). Rode Infusion not long after and the difference is massive in my opinion. Be interested to see how Vortex...
  3. Kebab

    Coasters you can't believe people love

    The Swarm. Its a decent coaster but I can't understand how people class it as outstanding. I found the layout really underwhelming and relatively forceless, the theming and first drop however are fantastic. Other than that I'm lost for words to say about The Swarm, it just seems like a boring...
  4. Kebab

    Efteling | Baron 1898 | B&M Dive Coaster

    This is looking really nice! Theming reminds me of Tower of Terror at Gold Reef City, another beautiful looking Vertical Drop coaster. Seriously need to take a trip down to Efteling.
  5. Kebab

    Your favorite underrated ride(s)?

    Stampida at PortAventura. Once you get over the roughness, its an absolutely insane experience with a blistering sense of speed. And leave enough slack for the lapbar; it has some of the craziest moments of ejector I can actually recall. Not to mention the amazing night-rides and nonstop...
  6. Kebab

    Most Intense Ride You've Ever Ridden

    Went on one of these KMG Experience/Superspin traveling rides the other day. It was pretty vile, wasn't particularly over the top intense but rather one of those that never ends when you really want it to. This is it:
  7. Kebab

    Best ride theming?

    Crystal Wings.
  8. Kebab

    Rain Rides: Epic or Excruciating?

    The stormier the better for me. I find visiting Theme Parks in obscure weather conditions a huge plus in terms of atmosphere, and its always great when you're with friends who equally don't mind the rain. Coasters like Nemesis of course, really take to life in stormier weather conditions, they...
  9. Kebab

    Park with the best water ride selection

    PortAventura hands down for me. Nothing better than a late night ride on Silver River Flume after a lovely chilled San Miguel, it also has a massive final drop for a flume! Other than that the other water rides are very high quality and great fun!
  10. Kebab

    Good "first upside down coasters?"

    Shockwave at Drayton Manor was mine and wouldn't recommend it to anyone! The hang-time and standing up sensation is enough to put anyone off, let alone the violent nature of it. I would say Revolution at Blackpool is a good shout, it's short, only has one loop, not intense by any means and you...
  11. Kebab

    Which ride(s) have the best music?

    A personal favourite of mine has to be the music for Air. It's just so chilling and brings me back to queuing on a cold, dark and grey Autumn evening. I listen to it at time to time just to trip out and think about life, it also has a rather sad feel to it, always sends me into a trance whenever...
  12. Kebab

    Best night coasters

    Nemesis Inferno is something else at night; I was genuinely surprised at the sense of speed and euphoria I got from it yesterday. It really did come to life, more so than anything else at Thorpe Park, it just felt so right! The pre-lift section, mist, tropical theming, lighting and those killer...
  13. Kebab

    New type of travelling coaster...

    Probably the worst thing I've ever seen, why would someone want to build it? It's a stand-up Squirrel Nutty Ride with some hip techno theming. Or is this the thing now? I'm worried that people on here want to ride it too. Elaborate! :?
  14. Kebab

    Short Lived

    Colossus for some strange reason. I was about 13 and because it went upside down ten times it reigned as number 1... I have much better taste now!
  15. Kebab

    West Midland Safari Park £80m Waterpark Investment

    I enjoyed Siam Park as much as i do with Theme Parks, although I doubt this will be on the same calibre as Siam Park. But looking at the selection of slides on the plan it certainly raises some interest to me. I really enjoyed Kinaree at Siam Park and the one on the far right looks to be a...
  16. Kebab

    West Midland Safari Park £80m Waterpark Investment

    Cheers mate, openly offend the area where I live! I know its **** but its not that bad... By the looks of the plans there will be a few proslide build attractions, which is fantastic! We do need a taste of more world-class water park in the UK, and this is the perfect oppurtunity. Hope...
  17. Kebab

    West Midland Safari Park £80m Waterpark Investment

    Read more: ... ion-plans/
  18. Kebab


    Long time no see! And this is a great topic! Best laughs I've had on a coaster are probably Runaway Mine Train at Alton Towers, and Steeplechase at Blackpool. Both great filler attractions, but tend to be highlights of the day. I've burst into a tears waiting for Furius Baco. It kept breaking...
  19. Kebab

    Drayton Manor 2014

    Am I the only one who is disappointed with this? Come on Drayton, get a decent Rollercoaster!
  20. Kebab

    NoLimits Coaster News! (Updated DECEMBER 31th 2013!!!)

    Releasing it on my birthday could only mean... Who's buying it me then? :wink: