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    Fantastic old coaster footage/pics

    Some great footage of Blackpool PB that shows how the park is capable of running when it wants to. Things worth noting are the marketing for the Big One, and the general ride ops around the park. Note particularly the Wild Mouse with 2 cars on the lift, and how quick the Avalanche can dispatch...
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    What made you fall in love with coasters?

    The Grand National, age 4. First ever coaster (bar the Little Dipper) it was a night ride, my dad was holding me in and I absolutely loved it! Hooked ever since.
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    WTF BPB?

    It seems the park are attempting to sell themselves as a resort now...this will not end well...! I dont understand this obsession with trying to be something you aren't. If you are the best seaside amusement park in the country, you need to operate they rides accordingly, open into the dark...
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    Will Hyperia be better than Nemesis?

    I have to admit I was delusional enough to think Icon would be better than wrong was I
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    Will Hyperia be better than Nemesis?

    If the answer to this is yes, surely up until Hyperia opens, you must assume the Big One is not only better than Nemesis, but also everything else in the UK? Clearly it isn't. Its not even the best thing in its own park, its beaten by three pre-war wooden coasters and an arrow shuttle loop for...
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    Favourite Christmas song

    Merry Christmas guys and gals! What's your all time favourite Christmas song?
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    WTF BPB?

    No such rule that I know of, they have opened in December in years gone by. Last time I checked 2024 looked like weekends only throughout the entire year so I took that with a bucket full of salt and ignored it.
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    WTF BPB?

    Something seems to be happening with Beach Amusments, the arcade the faces the prom and backs onto the entrance plaza. The arcade is being gutted.
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    What’s the wettest you’ve ever gotten on a non-water ride?

    Grand National, back row of a 4 car train many moons ago (when the back seat gave you a ride you knew youd had, not like todays much tamer 3 car equivalent) in a torrential downpour. It must have started lashing it down as we were in the station, the loop out of the station made it quite clear...
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    Valhalla at Blackpool Pleasure Beach to be refurbished for 2023

    Its still far too wet, the boats don't drain right, the effects are unreliable and I'm not impressed. If I wasn't an enthusiast, who was aware of all the refurbishment to the trough and operating system, I'd be wondering what exactly they'd spent all that time and money on. Of all the major...
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    Parque De Attractions

    Raise hell, the get to Parque Warner. As suggested above, the Spanish may not give a damn, but thats what I'd be doing in that situation.
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    Opinions on The Smiler from alton towers?

    Terrible ride, people used to slate the Corkscrew for its roughness, and as someone who lapped the Corkscrew with ease, I can assure you the Smiler is a lot worse than that ever was.
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    WTF BPB?

    I cant speak for others, but I know plenty of people are of the same opinion as me, and that is we genuinely love BPB. The thought of the place going under or even closing certain rides would be like a personal loss. This is not Morrisons has stopped selling something I like so I will start...
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    WTF BPB?

    I have just listened to the entire thing, its actually not as offensive as is being made out in fairness. I do stand by my personal gripes; Far too many rides have been removed in the last two decades. The capacity on what is left has been crippled cause queue that needn't be there. The...
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    PortAventura - Dragon Khan to get a retrack?

    Maybe he should have said it adds nothing to the ride experience unless you are in the front row, and even then it really isn't significant. I think to the vast majority of the public if you were to say something is floorless they'd picture an invert, as that has genuinely no floor. If they...
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    Rank the coasters you've done that go backwards

    1. Stuntfall 2. Revolution 3. Revenge of the Mummy 4. Texas Tornado (Morecambe) 5. Expedition Everest 6. Missile (American Adventure) 7. Swarm 8. XNWO 9. Thirteen 10. Accelerator In a rather illegal and somewhat foolish move I did ride the Rollercoaster facing backwards in the days when it...
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    Do you prefer starter or dessert in a restaurant?

    Starter for me, not got a particularly sweet tooth so I would rather wash the lot down with a cocktail if the venue can accommodate.
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    Do you prefer a Chinese or Indian takeaway?

    Indian, however my good lady isn't the biggest fan of Chinese, so when the mood does take her I jump at the chance cause it doesn't happen often. Has anyone ever experimented a bit with Keema, Fish, Duck or Paneer curries rather than sticking with chicken? I know Kemma is a bit more...
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    WTF BPB?

    Cheers for the link, I will listen to it when I have more time. I do hope it has been somewhat taken out of context, I love BPB and thinknits ride line up is still the best in the country, but they do make feeling that way a very hard task at times.
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    WTF BPB?

    It seems a recent interview with Amanda Thompson has caused a fair amount of feathers to be ruffled. 'Director of English amusement park not happy with critical season ticket holders The director and owner of the English amusement park Blackpool Pleasure Beach is lashing out at complaining...