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    CF Lives 2019 Ideas Topic

    The Leipzig weekender is definitely something I'm interested in, I've been thinking about a 3-4 day trip into that area for a while. I also like the idea of Wintertraum, but I'd go to Phantasialand any time! For GF, I wonder if we'd only get the best out of a trip if we did it midweek...
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    Ghosterforce 2018 - Order of The Fenix

    "Why be a burden?" asks Mushroom. You might as well ask me why I'm a shouty man, it's because we just don't know any other way to be!
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    Release The Krakow: Poland Live 22-23rd Sept

    I'm in - I need more creds in my life. Going to sort out flights and hotels and transport at the weekend, but count me in.
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    CF Lives 2018

    The Danish parks have a lot of outdoor stuff to do, trampolines, ridiculous inflatable cushions, assault courses etc - all of which I think are more suited to a summer's day than a cold October day, so I would recommend a summer trip. As for Poland, I suggest both this year and 2020 if the RMC...
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    Slovakia, Hungary & Austria, September 2013

    Just looking at the Vidampark Map, my only regret is that we didn't ride the "Anyosrepteto" or to translate it into pictures from Google: ... m-hell.jpg Yep - apparently they have a ride called a "flying mother-in-law".
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    CoasterForce World Exclusive from CWoA

    Tuk-tuk themed dodgems! It's such a good idea that I'm surprised it hasn't been done before. It's also good to see that CWoA are giving a new lease of life to existing attractions whilst also adding new attractions at the same time. The idea of spreading animals around the park is also...
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    Extreme Makeover: CF Edition

    Genius, best one yet!
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    Extreme Makeover: CF Edition

    There was a completely innocent explanation as to why yet another member of the team was found surrounded by nine naked and desperate CFers...
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    Neal, we haven't forgotten about how Alton tried to theme Rita. This was too soon.
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    GF 666: Curse of the Omen - Trip Reports!

    To go back to the Vampire thing, let's assume it thought that the 1st train had gone onto the second lift hill, in which case, it would have released the next train from the first hill, but put the brakes before the second lift hill on to stop the 2nd train from leaving the block until it knew...
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    The Stone Cold songwriting poll

    I don't believe this, she stole my song. First Boney M and now Lady Gaga.
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    A Nightmare To Remember (Or Will and Jordan go to Thorpe)

    Oh Will, you silly balding alcoholic, I don't make personal remarks...
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    Essex/Norfolk Credit Hunt

    Necroposting for the win! First up on our cavalcade of joy was Clacton Pier. This is as near to a panaromic shot as you're going to get. And this is the reason we came (literally, not figuratively). The Chance manufactured Toboggan. The most phallic coaster in the UK after Stealth...
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    Oslo & Tusenfryd

    I see the Martyn H fan club has arrived. Ok, a question I'm dying to ask, if you all stayed so dry on Supersplash, why did the seats need squeegying? My recollection is that you did get wet, but it was fairly tame considering the size of the splash. Also, Thundercoaster must have been...
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    Italy, September 2009

    I like it, Peep. Excellent choice of music, Italy was definitely our favourite game. Can't wait to do more trips next year!
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    Fårup My Frikadella Trip Reports!

    Sextuple Post! Unexpectedly soon after Day 4, Here is the final day of the Euro-Live, we're at Hansa Park and once again, things have gone a little bit A Midsummer Night's Dream. It was the last day of July, and all around people were sad. Obviously, this is not based on me alone as me...
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    Fårup My Frikadella Trip Reports!

    Quintuple Post! May I present to you, An A-Z of the theme parks of Copenhagen. A is for A building. Ahem, an Arabian Abode! B is for Boyband Brad the Brakeman, who cannot complain that he is not in this album! C is for Creosote. D is for Demon, I can spot at least...
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    2012 Olympics

    Why? It's not representative of the cost at all. The "£440,000 cost" of the olympics logo was yet another media mistruth. That cost represented the design of the logo, other branding and advertising work, and further services of Wolff Olins for 5 years. Wolff Olins spent over one £1m in costs...
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    Fårup My Frikadella Trip Reports!

    Quadruple post! Day 3, again straight from facebook, and now non-facebookers are as up to date as I really am that slow at uploading photos. Free entry, ERT and free food? No wonder Farup Summerland was a favourite... Welcome to the story of Steven the Lonely Goon. Steven was a...
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    Fårup My Frikadella Trip Reports!

    Day 2: Again, taken from Facebook. Djurs Sommerland, Tivoli Friheden and the streets of Aarhus provide us with the location for some more antics, including a drunken adventure through Denmark's Second City. After being pulled over by the police, Neal relaxed with a Pony...