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    GhosterForce 8 - Trip Reports

    ^ Oh yes, THOSE two people..... What a day! Filled with all sorts of excellent things going on, here are some highlights: - People I've not met before being awesome - The two arsonists being ejected from the park -Almost capsizing in the 'works - The Krypt maze actually being pretty good for...
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    Two days, two birthdays! C:WoA April 2011

    Twas a fairly epic day, highlights being the evil girl in the buffet and the singing Dragon's Fury ride op, oh and of course all the birthday photos! Banyon was a bit rubbish though... And sashaaaay
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    World Firsts @ Alton !

    Being the first of a kind is special, and people do respect that, though often only in the short term. Being special because it's the first of a kind is a gimmick - Alton is a bad example because the rides in question happen to be VERY good - and in the long term, people will want the generally...
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    Biggest Amusement Industry Mess Up(s) of the Decade

    I only ever went on Clone Zone once when I was about 6.....and I don't even remember it :( . I feel I've missed so much. On topic, HRP has got to be one of the biggest mistakes of the decade. I dont remember at all what happened, only that it made me cringe.
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    What's in a name?

    Everyone calls me Tom, this one guy I know calls me Smithy or Smiffy and I used to be called Tommy but I grew out of that name about 8 years ago.
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    Favourite B&M Floorless Steel Roller Coaster?

    ^ I never even noticed the floorless on Kraken. It was pretty good overall, but nothing special. Kraken's the only one I've done so I guess it's my favourite. When I was staying in Denmark I could see Daemonen from my hotel window but couldn't ride it - this angered me.
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    London Christmas Trip Reports

    Just got back.....that was AMAZING! Really good seeing everybody again and I loved all of the brill things we did! Best bits: - Richard shouting 'RAAAAHHHH' into the echo tube! - 1 hour snowball fight! I was picked on way too much by Fraser and Ben and at some point everybody managed to...
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    Park Ticket Prices

    Isn't that the whole point though? If people go once and never go again, then nothing's lost and considering that there aren't many who would visit again that year anyway, any offer is a good move to get people to come.
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    CF VIDEO SERIES NAME: Choose Your Favourite!

    Presumably it will be Mark and Leigh who do them, as they do all the other documentaries.
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    (PM)BO - New trains, love 'em or hate 'em?

    The topic sparked a mix of opinions. Are these new trains amazing or crap?
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    CF VIDEO SERIES NAME: Choose Your Favourite!

    Yay for Guide to Ride winning!!! It's my baby.....Um, I had to vote for it as well...
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    Jazz is back

    Oooh.....Got a Match is made of difficulty. I am can play half of it on piano, then I lose it....I've got to practise it more. But maybe in the future :D
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    Jazz is back

    For those who are still interested there are now 7 more videos on my channel.I will post two here but please check them out and comment. Groove Yard: The Jody Grind: As always, enjoy and please comment!
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    Insult the person above

    **** Simba :P
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    Jazz is back Me playing Angel Eyes in a trio at the Bull's Head.
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    Jazz is back

    Just a quick update: Gig at the Bull was amazing! I feel really good about about my performance! Expect vids probably tomorrow.
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    Winter Wonderland

    Looks nice, good layout, but there doesn't seem to be a huge structure wit the scenery, which is sometimes overused, and sometimes just feels like it's in the wrong place. Also, too many lights, it's almost giving me a headache. The colours are good, just less bright please. Otherwise looks...
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    Rate the Sig and Avatar - II

    OMG IT'S THE LION KING!!!!!!!! Clearly a 10/10.....your most awesome set yet!
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    Jazz is back Thought now would be a good time to show you my arrangement of Glenn Miller's A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square. A lot of videos next week :).
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    NEW FOR 2011: Park Video Guides; YOUR OPINIONS WANTED

    'How CFers enjoy _____' 'Guide to ride' ' I'm looking forward to seeing how these turn out.