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  1. Beans

    Accident at Disneyland Paris

    Just seen this post on Facebook from the park Don't think I can see it elsewhere. Disneyland® Paris We are deeply saddened by the accident that took place this afternoon in Pirates of the Caribbean. Our emergency teams were immediately on the scene to provide first aid to the 5-yaear old...
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    Coaster/park industry news articles

    The battle over Dreamland goes on ... -handover/
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    Not sure if this is for the News topic but here goes, a friend has sent this link to me as it is proposed to be a new Coaster in Las Vegas... What do you think.. ... p=features
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    Rameses Revenge stuck at CWoA; Angry FB posts to follow

    Update from Fire Brigade Website Firefighters were called out to a theme park in Chessington this afternoon after 39 people became stuck on a fairground ride. Fire crews used ladders and specialist cutting equipment to help the people - a combination of adults and children - down from the...
  5. Beans

    Rameses Revenge stuck at CWoA; Angry FB posts to follow

    I can see it now, "they were dangling and screaming for there lives as the fire brigade cut them from there seats" Remember apparently according to the newspapers the guest were left "dangling on The Smiler" LOL I am please nobody was injured though perhaps that's the only thing Chessington...
  6. Beans

    The Smiler - your thoughts?

    I am going again in 3 weeks, it had better be bloody running then, or else Furie will see a thunder storm of a great magnitude erupt from Alton. On my second attempt to get on I DO expect it to be open. Even Saw did better than this after it's first week....
  7. Beans

    Best non-Merlin UK park & coaster

    It has to be Megaphobia at Oakwood, never laughed so much as I did going round that one...pity the rest of the park is boring. So Park has to be Blackpool and Pepsi Max
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    Weird Crushes

    Kari Byron I love Mythbusters. Tori Valechi isn't bad either... I have a strange fascination with the Scottish accent so David Tennant or the real Ewan Macgregor.
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    Coasters only you seem to love

    Colossus at Thorpe, so many hate it but I can ride it all day.
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    I will let you run with that one Marc. And Ian, Slammer will always be (in the words of The Undead One) Slapper. OMG Leigh has that ride now, and he actually like working on it.
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    Haha Phill, actually not thought about The Smiler, it will just be Smiler I think, it's name doesn't really call to be "ie'd". For those that work in said parks they do not refer to them day to day with "The" included in there names....not that I have heard anyway, especially for Saw and Swarm...
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    Thorpe 2013

    X from going in to leaving Now to Exit Out we go I got that photo on the 3rd it says Jan 2013, Hesther Rose
  13. Beans

    Thorpe 2013

    Just a note about the free warm drinks appear limitless apparently, I asked the staff and you can only get one per visit to the bar, per AP but you can go back and get another, Thorpe's Calypso bar has only a small machine so they were using the Amity Doughnuts as well yesterday. One other X...
  14. Beans

    Alton Towers | The Smiler | Gerstlauer Infinity

    Re: Alton Towers | The Smiler | Unknown Gerstlauer World's 1 I am just thinking how many boxes of paracetamol to buy looking at that tangle of
  15. Beans

    Schools in Essex ban triangle flap jacks...

    As I work in a playschool, we jokingly think we should now ban square and rectangular snacks as they have pointy corner.....LOL. We just laughed it off. It should be down to the child that threw it to be told the error of his ways,.
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    Disabled man awarded £5,300 for getting stuck in Disney Ride

    Re: Disabled man awarded £5,300 for getting stuck in Disney I bet others will jump on the bandwagon now..."OOOh I got stuck, hey it must be worth it, lets go for compensation" If I had done that over the many times I have been on a ride that got stuck I would be rich now... And with most rides...
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    Notable Deaths 2013

    I got his first book The Fog when it came out then bought The Rats, The Lair and Domain, my favourite was The Magic Cottage as the house he lived in was very similar to it and the plot vas very weird, he live in a little village called Henfield West Sussex, which was about 10 miles north west of...
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    Notable Deaths 2013

    Just realised I had been putting these in 2012 topic so deleted and put in here..... My favourite Author has died....sadness he only lived 10 miles away... From his Facebook page... We’re very sad to announce the death of bestselling novelist, James Herbert OBE. James, aged 69, died peacefully...
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    Best and Worst launch coasters?

    I don't think I could have put it better myself Jordan, Stealth really does pack that punch, where as Space Mountain 2 tries to kill you.... Do Like Mavericks little Launch though...
  20. Beans

    Have you ever puked (or was close to) on a Rollercoaster?

    Re: Have you ever puked (or was close to) on a Rollercoaster X:/NWO, have run fro the exit very fast many a time on this beast, so glad it will now be going forward, Vortex has ha me close as a flat, I do wear sick bands occasionally, if I feel unsure, until I know I am ok, as I did with Mraws...