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  1. J

    is there anyone else so obsessed with coasters

    Hey I absolutely loved doing it! Really tires you out like but I loved it!
  2. J

    Mumbo Jumbo stalls upside down!!

    Apologies was another article I saw it on. And Mumbo has a portable air tank that is simply plugged into a 2nd air intake that is separate to the usual one and a key switch for each individual restraint.
  3. J

    Mumbo Jumbo stalls upside down!!

    And if you read the article properly you'll see it says theres 2 cars involved, a 2nd one stopped either on the lift or the block brakes before that section. A poncho in the wheels can quite easily stop a coaster.
  4. J

    Intimidator 305 - Kings Dominion Giga coaster

    Likes of Apocalypse etc also make that noise though and they don't have wheels they just slide.
  5. J

    Flamingoland, now with less pleasure...?

    ^ To put it bluntly how many of ye get along with ye brothers and sisters lol Melanie Gibb want'ed out of the 'family business' and Pleasure Island was her 'pay out'
  6. J

    Flamingoland, now with less pleasure...?

    You got it!
  7. J

    Flamingoland, now with less pleasure...?

    ^ It's not sold par say but it's been given to Melanie Gibb. You won't find anything because it's been a family dispute thing and hasen't really been sold.
  8. J

    "Mumbo Jumbo" - S&S El Loco for Flamingo Land

    Italy, supports China and Trains and Electronic Utah It's actually got a fair few changes from SH
  9. J

    UK's Best Red Coaster?

    Velocitys Orange not rudy red :lol: And on that note Odyssey.
  10. J

    Favourite UK Park

    Flamingoland. It's the only park I can go to and ride absolutly nothing yet still not be bored. Lost Kingdoms atmosphere is immense and I can sit there for hours just listening to the music and watching Kumali.
  11. J

    Music Recommendations

    ^Acrobat is a awesome song I've just got hold of Arctic Monkeys new album and wow. What a change from the repetitiveness of the first album. Brianstorm is just a taster of the whole thing.
  12. J

    Which is the UK's best flat ride?

    My all time favorite is any Space Roller on a decent setting. Today I developed a bit of a soft spot for Navigator some strange reason and I'd say was my third favorite after Bling and the Beast. Anyone who votes Circulator needs shooting.
  13. J

    Theme Park STUFF collecting...

    Lets see. I have: S&S Drop Tower seat (Volcanic Impact to be precise) Black Hole Wheel Part of a Corkscrew restraint An Intamin Fleece jacket thing and hopefully a Vekoma wheel. As well as that I've around 150 maps, 20 caps and other stuff. Not much.
  14. J

    UK's Best Tower Ride

    It's a tough call between Cliffhanger and Venom. Venom had a **** load of airtime with a loose restraint but was just too short. Cliffhanger has the nice bit of floater on the shot and a amazing amount of airtime on the drop. That said Cliffhanger.
  15. J

    Gigs 'n' Tours

    I'm looking to do the Sunday at Leeds but ?73 each is bloody pricey. Bloc Party though (drools).
  16. J

    How physically fit are you?

    Super fit quite easily. Most of my muscles are toned except stomach. I've got up to around 14/15 on bleep test but ain't done for a while now. I can play a full 5 sets of tennis for a good 3/4 hrs easily.
  17. J

    What are you listening to now?

    I Still Remember - Bloc Party
  18. J

    Ache or Hache.

    Aitch. I'm from Yorkshire what ya expect :lol:
  19. J

    Is Rita Rough?

    I get my neck slammed into the restraints as well and I ain't exactly huge. That turn into the brakes ain't banked enough or someting so your neck gets smashed. Corkie turn is pretty rough as well. The purple train however is rougher than the blue one somehow.
  20. J

    Is Rita Rough?

    Theres no way to hold it up Joey. As soon as you hit corkie turn the g's just push it down. I end up with it being on its lowest by the end. Exact same happens to me on Stealth as well.