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    Rides that don't feel safe

    G'sengte Sau Tripsdrill with a small child next to you. When I rode it with my little nephew, I thought he would fall out.
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    Cedar Point | Top Thrill 2 | Triple Launch Renovation | 2024

    I thought it should have been pretty clear that is was a joke, since CP would have to demolish several buildings + one coaster and build another TTD 2.0 within one year. I just think a racing theme without racing is dumb. Dragsters also race, but you can also do it for the thrill of it, some...
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    Cedar Point | Top Thrill 2 | Triple Launch Renovation | 2024

    I'm not a native speaker, but to me "racing" implies, that you are racing agains someone and not just by yourself, that's time trail. So it should be pretty much confirmed, that they will build a second top hat with a second spike right next to it, so you can actually make a race.
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    Cedar Point | Top Thrill 2 | Triple Launch Renovation | 2024

    If the full train doesn't travel to the hight record consistently, it doesn't beat the hight record to me. It's like Kingda Ka always has rollbacks and never makes it over the top hat. If CP realy wants to beat a hight record, they have to make sure everybody can check it easily.
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    Real Madrid World | Hala Madrid | GCI Wooden Hybrid Coaster | 2024?

    I am too really surprised, that they close the park that late. I thought they would close it right after the Expo. But than again, all the other parks are still open, which half of them should have closed a long time ago.
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    Cedar Point | Top Thrill 2 | Triple Launch Renovation | 2024

    I hope the spike won't be just straight or tisted but has something special. I wish it was a supersized Palindrome spike or beyond vertical.
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    Cedar Point | Top Thrill 2 | Triple Launch Renovation | 2024

    I don't get why CP didn't reveal the reimagination yet. The Fans follow every little step of the porject and know whats going on and everybody else didn't hear about it anyway.
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    SeaWorld Orlando | Pipeline: The Surf Coaster | B&M Surf Coaster | 2023

    To me that also doesn't look like surfing at all, more like a SUP Coaster.
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    SeaWorld Orlando | Pipeline: The Surf Coaster | B&M Surf Coaster | 2023

    I don't get what the advantage of standing up should be? To me it would be so much better, if you were sitting down and the seat would be able to move up and down a little.
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    Toverland's Expansion Plan

    I am glad that I could experienced Avalon without that expansion. Avalon looked so great wothout people and rides. Like a real fantasy world. But I know a theme park needs rides, otherwise its pointless.
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    Energylandia's Future Additions

    That ferris wheel doesn't look like it belongs into an amusment park. It looks so steril, like all the other big city wheels. I also wonder, why they built it so far to one end of the park and not colser to the future middle of the park after all the expansions?
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    Do Inversions "do it" for you or is it meh?

    Love em, sideways vertical loops are my favourite.
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    Europa Park | Voltron | Mack Rides Stryker Coaster | 2024

    I find that layout extremely intersting. They already anounced, that it will not be the most intense coaster, but it looks like it will be a very fun coaster to ride. I hope it will have a lot of theming around the tracks.
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    Parc Astérix | Toutatis | Intamin Launch Coaster | 2023

    To me this layout Looks better than Pantheon an Pantheon ist already great. I Hope both will be superb.
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    Fun Spot Atlanta | ArieForce One | RMC IBox Steel Coaster | 2023

    Mid July I should be in Atlanta, is it realistic that it might be open then?
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    Knotts Berry Farm 2023

    Poor neighbours, they bought a Home next to nice berry farm and now they get screaming people 325 feet high above theirel houses. Here in germany the parks would not even try to spend money in planing something like this, because they know it would never happen. But I am not an neighbour and I...
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    Phantasialand Expansion Land Sale Approved

    Cool, there is a lot of space for some new Hotels I can't afford.. Edit: I have a feeling of a second gate.
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    Thorpe Park | Hyperia | Mack Hyper Coaster | 2024

    I take this over a traditional B&M Hyper. To me this world does not need any more B&M Hypers. This thing looks cracy and hard to compare it with anything else, what makes it an unique idea. I love that. And don't get me wrong, I love B&M Hyper.
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    Do I need a locker at Dorney Park?

    Hello, I will go to Dorney Park tomorrow and I wonder, if there are rides where I can't put my Smartphone and car keys in my Cargo pockets but have to put Thema into a locker? I don't find anything online.