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  1. maxjones322

    Opinions on energylandia

    The lockers encourage queue jumping with their areas essentially being open areas at the end of a queue line. They were cheap which was good but I have never found putting your bag in a hold next to a coaster bad enough to change. I would even say it barely effects the ride operations in my...
  2. maxjones322

    When did your coaster count overtake your age?

    I think about 9 or 10? I always had a fascination for them even before I was tall enough for the 1.4's in the UK. So as soon as I was tall enough I did Alton Thorpe and BPB. I did my first ones in the order of Nemesis, Air, Rita and Oblivion. I tried for oblivion first but I was deemed just...
  3. maxjones322